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Hey peeps, here is a new contest brought to you by B.B.B and Lakmé India. Get a chance to win Lakmé Stylist Kits and be a part of Lakmé Fashion week Winter Fest 2013! Read on to know how...

How to enter:

Phase 1:
Just answer this simple question: "How would you style your skin this monsoon season?". Comment your answer below, detailing what colors and products would you use, how to prep so that it's not spoiled by the rain, any quirks to add some fun to your look.

**** 4 best answers gets to win a Lakmé Style Kit.***

Phase 2:

The 4 winners will receive the kit by 5th August ,sent by Lakmé. They have to create a makeup look using the Lakmé Styling Kit and do a step-by-step photo album

All the 4 finalists can send multiple entries for this part. Kindly mail me the entries, with the pictures as attachments at , on or before 12th August.

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  • You agree to participate in the Phase 2, in case you win the Phase 1.
  • The 2nd phase of the contest starts on 6th August, 2013 and ends on 12th August, 2013. Results to be announced by Lakmé India on 16th August, 2013.
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  1. In Monsoon, taking care of my skin and tresses is very important. So, I undergo a special beauty regime.

    1. In monsoon, my hair becomes unmanageable as the moisture in the air swells up the hair. I get the ultimate conditioning benefit by the 20 minutes’ deep conditioning treatment with hot, coconut-based hair oil. It works well for my hairs.

    2. It is also important to keep my scalp dry during monsoon as dampness leads to hair fall. I try to carry an umbrella when I step out in rains to ensure my hair is not exposed to the rain water.

    3. I regularly cleanse my skin with Lakme Strawberry Face-wash and then apply Dove moisturizer to my skin. All my skin care products are light, so they allow my skin to breathe in the humid weather.

    4. As for makeup, I apply a Lakme eyeconic kajal to my eyes.

    5. Also I apply a waterproof mascara.

    6. A bright lipstick or a tinted lip balm to my lips.

    7. For my outfit, I prefer Kurtis and leggings, as they are simple yet stylish to wear. I prefer clothes made of any light fabric, which can be dried easily in Monsoon.

    8. I keep my accessories and makeup minimal during the Monsoon.

    Thanks for the lovely Giveaway.

    My Email Id :

  2. skincare:
    vlcc anti-tan face wash (both cleanses and scrubs)
    patanjali rose water as toner
    neutragena oil free moisturiser/lacto calamine
    skin style:
    first point all makeup should be waterproof/waterresistant
    lotus herbals spf70 sunscreen topped with maybelline clear glow compact.
    lakme eyeconic kajal both on lower lashline
    lakme felt tip eyeliner for upper lashline
    eyeshadows going with your outfit
    nude lipgloss/lipstick

    to top it all I use mac fix+ to set all makeup in this humid weather and prevent the rain being a spoilsport by melting away the joyful colours of the stylish skin.

  3. During monsoons taking good care of your skin is a must. My beauty regime follows:

    * CTM, use products that best suits your skin type and follow this religiously.

    * Scrub, to avoid blackheads and whiteheads.

    * Use a light based moisturizer, that's waterproof and provides boost instant hydration.

    * Keeps your hands and legs hydrated with a heavy moisturizer.

    * During monsoons, u can drench in rain so use a light foundation thats again waterproof and dab some loose powder on top of it.

    * Apply a smudge proof Kajal and waterproof mascara, for that heavy rainy day, you can skip the kajal and go for mascara.

    * No need of applying blush, as the rains would definitely wash it off.

    * Keep your lips bare by just applying a tinted lip balm.

    email: /

  4. For monsoons my skin care is very focused on acne control so here is the styling that takes care of it
    1. Washing the face twice a day - with a neem based face wash
    2. Vitamin C serum to provide the nourishment
    3. A souffle or a bb cream for light coverage
    4. Waterproof makeup if I'm headed out - a brown eye liner and a pink blush.
    5. Lips - rosy pink using a lip balm or a long stay lipstick
    During monsoons the focus remains on keeping the skin breathable yet presentable - colors should be kept neutral adding glamour through your lips and eyes. If I'm not going to work then I add more oomph by switching to a bright green or blue eye liner instead of my usual brown. Monsoons are fun and my face reflects that

  5. Hiii Pooja!!

    Well for me instant styling is one for a skin which is healthy from inside...

    Step 1:Cleansing Toning and moisturizing is must of instant stylish skin

    Step 2: Apply mild foundation which blends easily and enhance your skin tone.
    Step 3: Apply a smudge free kajal and you are done :)

    Simple and easy :)

  6. I Keep things simple in Monsoon because my skin just over reacts in this season!!

    So, I use good moisturizer and avoid foundations/BB creams
    I use good moisturizing Lip Balms and it keep lips supple enough, Berry/coral/cherry are my favorite colors. I avoid lipsticks it might dry my lips I afraid!
    I use compact after moisturizer to keep skin shine-free
    I use gel eyeliners or kohl to define my eyes, Ink Black is my favorite shade
    I don't use any blush in monsoons.

    I keep things simple and fresh in Monsoon!! It's a great season for minimal makeup and classy style!

  7. Skin: - To cleanse my skin, I would use Lakme Strawberry Face Wash, Rose water for toner and Lakme Perfect Radiance Fairness Day Cream for moisturiser.

    Coming next to Makeup, I would:

    For my Face, apply a bit of BB cream or a little bit if Lakme Invisible Foundation and blend.

    For my Eyes - Create a brown smoky eyes for an intense look and use lakme kohl generously on my waterline. Other times, I use a green or dark brown eyeliner on waterline and upper lash and use a kohl over it. Gives a pretty intense look, without going OTT.

    Lips - Top off with a light pink or peach lipstick. Currently, I am using Lakme Pop Tints In Peach Please or the Nivea Fruity Shine in Pomergranate.

  8. For Monsoon Skin should always need special care and pampering...

    1)I will apply my Loccitane Immortelle Brightening Moisture Mask Overnight which is a leave on face mask that helps keep my skin fully moisturised....
    2)In the mornings I get up and follow my regualr CTM routine which includes applying few drops of TBS Vit E Oil too
    3)AS its monsoon, I use a MUA matte finish primer and apply my clinique Super moisture foundation and set the foundation using a matte powder, I use MUA Powder
    4)Apply my Waterproof kohl and mascara- Lakme Eyeconic products
    5)Apply my favourite Revlon Honey Lip stain

    During Monsoons, its best to use Matte makeup...I will avoid sheen,glossy and shimmer products. My Monsoon care tips is as simple as this!!!

    Thanks for this lovely giveaway!!


  9. My quick monsoon skin styling includes
    My 3 tips or rather routine for instant skin styling are:

    (1) CTM - This is very important for fresh and clean skin.
    (2) BB/CC cream - I am not someone who spends ( Can spend) lot of time on makeup. But still no makeup looks good without a an even base makeup.
    (3) Last but not the least lipbalm with a bright lipstick to brighten me up on gloomy monsoon days :D .Also My HG smudge proof Eyeconic Kajal and the eyeconic mascara to define eyes.

    Simple and quick without being OTT and I am ready to go :)

  10. I don't know what it is about monsoons but my skin becomes so good and dewy during this time. I reckon it's the moisture in the air that my skin looks hydrated and nourished. And I love rains and I guess that shows on my face!

    Since my skin is pretty much well-behaved in the monsoons, I keep my skincare and make-up products to a minimum. A tinted moisturizer with SPF is all the base I need for the majority of my face. I use a spot concealer for redness around the nose and around the eyes. Dust off my T-zone with a translucent powder to keep the oil at bay. Kaajal for my eyes that is a little smudged out and worn-in makes my eyes look soft and dreamy. I curl my lashes and a coat of water-proof mascara works well for me.

    A tinted lip balm for the lips and that's all. I add in an interesting head gear like a hairband with a bow or spikes or some neon accents for the quirky bit. ;)

  11. I generally keep things simple, and during monsoons do not apply most makeup. For me, style is personal and I like mixing and matching things together. I love moisturizing my skin then applying a light foundation, mascara, eye pencil and lipstick - my staple facial makeup. Keeping it dewy and fresh, my clothes, especially during the monsoons, speak of comfort and bohemian whimsy rather than being too formal. I generally pair bright colors with muted shades of tan, ochre and monochromes. I have a fetish for shoes and bags, so I generally try matching the two up.

  12. Hi,

    This Monsoon season has come with a splash of colours for me and for everyone. I would choose a bright and nice look with some red in it for me as its trendy, feminine and I want to paint the town red this monsoon :-)

    Following are the details of colours and products to use to have fun in rains and look vibrant and stylish, this season-

    Face- To start with, i will opt for LAKME CC Cream and LAKME FLAWLESS MATTE COMPLEXION COMPACT which is suitable for my oily skin as it vanishes just in time and gives me a nice finished matte look.

    I avoid foundations in monsoons as my skin is oily and in rains, it gets messed up.

    Blush: If needed i will use a blend of pink and peach that works for me nicely so I am opting for the lil touch of a blush.

    Eye- Shadow- I love Pink and I am gonna choose a shade of Desert Rose for that.

    Eye Styling- Lakme Eyeconic Kajal as it is waterproof and define eyes noticeably.

    Mascara- Lakme Eyeconic Curling Mascara to define my eyes and it’s again a long stay product.

    Lips- A Red Coat LAKME 9 TO 5 MATTE LIP COLOR which can give me the whole complete look and add the touch of glamour instantly to my Style.


  13. Hello,
    My Skin Styling secret during Monsoon is regular cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing for which I am using Lakme CC Cream.
    For Instant brightness I massage my face with mashed papaya mixed with honey .. Or I just apply fresh cream, kesar n honey mix..
    To remove blackheads, I first wash my face and take steam after which I scrub my face n use blackhead remover…

    Name- Veena Vinyas..
    Mial id-

  14. 3 tips for instant skin styling
    1) scrub face for the glow
    2) apply light moisturizer followed by foundation, compact,blush and bronzer
    3) apply kohl, mascara, lipstick or lipgloss

    and you are done to rock!
    finally carry a smile for the best sensual look!

  15. Everybody says about the CTM and all. This monsoon season,can ruin you skin in no time.
    Start off by using the pore tightening mask. You can apply a facepack made of rose water and multani mitti/sandalwood powder for that effect.
    This season, chose your makeup to be simple.
    Whatever you choose, be it waterproof.
    use a moisturize, I use lakme peach milk moisturizer.or a sunscreen.
    Set it with the compact.
    skip the heavy base makeup.
    Instead you can go for some blush which gives you the fresh look to your cheeks.
    Apply the waterproof kajal and mascara.
    This season,
    go for bold lipsticks. but make sure they are matte and not glossy or shimmery.

    This is my simple way to look gorgeous even during the monsoon :):)

  16. monsoons are awesome time to have fun but with so much of humid climate and moisture in the air its very important to take care of your precious skin... so i avoid much makeup as monsoon is the time to look natural with a hint of makeup to correct your imperfections. DONOT EXPLOIT JUST EXFOLIATE your skin and lips so i use petroleum jelly and sugar to exfoliate my lips.
    so i start my routine by cleaning my face with lakme fresh fairness facewash... i scrub twice a week and also use mask after scrubbing away the impurities on my skin...
    my everyday make up includes:-
    a primer which act as an awesome base for starting any makeup,
    i use lakme absolute light white intense wet and dry compact as it gives naturally fair and flawless complexion i skipped foundation as it is nt suitable for the monsoons. i use concealer for my dark circles
    i love lakme iconic kajal for my eyes because it is smudge free and also waterproof a mascara which gives volume to my lashes and it also doesnt ditch me for a long time.
    for my lips i prefer a lip balm with a pinch of colour so i use maybelline baby lip balm it makes my lips supple and soft.
    too much of make up can destroy your skin in monsoon so keep it simple and more natural.
    email id:

  17. My email is -
    Facebook - saloni.goel3

    their are many tips to give skin an instant style:
    1. when I don't have bleach at home I use a mix of lemon, honey and curd. it fades up marks and gives a fair look.
    2. I use this mix on my hands and feets also and it is effective.
    3. I use a Aloe vera gel and apply on my face before makeup it will give a smooth texture.
    4. for a glowy skin I use bronze shimmer powder and brush a little on uncovered areas
    5. BB cream works well for me. it gives an even tone to my skin
    6.Tan- when I don't have time for parlour I apply mixture of lemon, milk and turmeric on the affected area for 15mins, wash off and scrub.
    7. concealer is a must for instant even look, it hides marks and spots
    8. I have 2 shades of foundation, one is of my skin colour and other is one shade darker. so that i can correct double chin and my nose and jaw line by using the darker shade.
    9. cosmetics can give you and instant stylish skin but if you care a bit then drink lots of water. it will flush away the toxins and you will have a healthy skin.
    10. cleasing, toning and moisturising is very imp. for a healthy and stylish skin.
    11. when I don't have time for pedicure then i usually opt for dark shades of nail paint.
    12. my lashes are sparse so 2-3 coats of mascara are must for me to give a heavy look.
    These are some of my tips for instant stylish skin.

  18. My instant Skin Stylist tips:

    1) Exfoliate and add moisture; the combination offers immediate plumping that lasts several hours. Even gentle sloughing causes skin to swell slightly, making wrinkles less noticeable. Use a scrub with smooth, spherical beads that polish without causing redness (look for polyethylene at the top of the ingredient list). Follow with a lotion, a peptide that relaxes muscles and temporarily eases pesky lines.
    2) Perk up your tired eyes by making them look more wide open by curling your lashes. Apply the eyelash curler as close to the base of your lashes as possible, squeeze closed to curl and hold for five seconds. If you’re too tired to curl your lashes, apply a curling mascara instead.
    3) Apply a wash of a lavender eye shadow; this pretty shade helps to open up and brighten the eyes. Further emphasize the inner corner of your eyes with an iridescent highlighter to add a glint of shimmer.
    4) Apply a washcloth soaked in cold water to your face for 10 minutes; the cool compress constricts blood vessels.

  19. Name :- Pooja Kopargaonkar.

    I love monsoons but it is difficult sometimes to take care of skin and style it So this is how am styling my skin This monsoon season I follow my skin routine of cleaning scrubbing toning and moisturising very strictly. Use bb cream and water proof make up. I like basic shades in monsoon but yes love bright lips.

    This is how I style my skin in monsoons where i take extra precautions to keep my skin healthy and glowing and go by the mantra of keep it simple yet stylish.

  20. The humid climate and my oily sikn never matched... Soo I have to take more care for my skin.. After rain, the sun is a big problem for me .So i moved to some natural way to treat my skin. Aloe Vera. Yes This is what I use to save my skin and my face but not my hair.
    .Aloe Vera is all in one.It is like a hero for me. It ket my skin oil free and I feel fresh by using it but it is not good for my hair. For my hair I use Loreal Paris Shampoo and Dove conditioner. Every Sunday or when ever I get time, I use a mixture of curd, honey and banana as a hair mask. Really Good Results.I use Lakme Sun Expert SPF 25 when ever i go out.Every morning I use lemon juice with 1-2 drops of honey on my face every day. I use Lakme cream on my hands,arms, legs actually on my whole body by faceing many difficulties ( as my family members make fun of me..:( ). I drink a lot of water also. Iam a working girl so I need all this every time. One thing more after washing my face i Use fair N lovely cream.He he he ..
    Ok bye
    My Id is or


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