Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Express Treatment Conditioner Review

Whew! That was a huuuu...uggeee title for a post ;)
So ya, I am back with the review of the conditioner (no I am not repeating the name for sake of increasing the word count..err..I actually did that :P) that I got in my recent haul. Now, what made me buy this. Well, you see Sunsilk has this trend of coming with remodeled products with the same old formula every now and then, which I am not bothered to try out most of the times. But this time the new shape and color and the whole glam factor of the range made me buy this conditioner and the words 'salon like', 'Keratin Micro Technology' etc. acted like a catalyst in the process. And I am glad I did. Read on to know why!

PRICE: Rs.200



"Keratinology by Sunsilk Advanced Reconstruction Program Express Treatment Conditioner prepares hair for intensive repair.

The conditioner has been formulated with Keratin Micro Technology to prolong the look and feel of salon-like hair and to address the damage caused by bleaching, colouring, and heat styling.

The conditioner penetrates the hair fibre to help restore and retain moisture loss, while conditioning ingredients help to repair surface damage by sealing cuticles and locking in your colour for longer."

MY EXPERIENCE: Sunsilk Keratinology Advanced Reconstruction Program Express Treatment Conditioner is of medium consistency that is neither too thick and creamy nor too runny, but perfect to easily spread and apply on wet hair. The color and consistency reminds me of 'mishti doi' (sweet yogurt) :P. It has got a strong but nice smell which lingers on for a bit after washing off. The best thing about this conditioner is that, it not only makes my hair 'feel soft', but also my hair ends seems 'visibly softer, with soft light curls at the end, without any curling or heat. Like any other good conditioner it helps in easy detangling, makes my hair more manageable, though I haven't seen any drastic change in my hairfall i.e. it has neither increased or decreased, or the frizzy top layer (which I think is completely roasted and fried and nothing can work on it :( ). 

  • The medium consistency is perfect for my dry hair.
  • I quite like the strong smell, but that depends on personal choice.
  • I like how it makes my hair 'visibly soft' like they blare on the ads, which is quite a nice change for me.
  • Makes my hair look shinier and healthier.
  • For the work it does, I am okay with the price.

  • The packaging i.e the dispensing mouth of the bottle is not spill proof and that's from my personal experience. There was a bit of leakage when the product reached me. Hence, not very travel friendly.
  • Though I don't care as long as the product works, but I think this conditioner leads to product build up on hair, because when I wash my hair the next day, it feels a bit too sleek as if there is a film on my hair. #Note: I rinse my hair properly after applying the conditioner, so that's not an issue!
  • Doesn't give me the perfect salon straight hair like it claims, but then I don't use any blow dryer or straightener to get one.

VERDICT: Now, this is surely giving a hard competition to my HG conditioner and going to my love list for hair care. I am definitely going to get some back-up. If you have rough/dry hair the you can give this a try. I am sure you won't be disappointed.

RATINGS: 4.5 out of 5


  1. the packaging is quite fancy n those "gal-bhora" names are sure to make ppl inquisitive :) nice review..i liked the mishti doi part :P

    1. Lol..sotti gaalbhora naam :P
      but my dry hair is loving it :)

  2. OMG you are tempting me girl to try this ! :p Looks like mishti doi ???? I will end up eating it then :D My top layer is same re very dry! I want to use their heat protector spray!

    1. I heard that is good too...u can check out this range Taps...even if it doesn't work wonders I am sure it won't be too disappointing :)
      but just don't eat it up :P :D

  3. Competition for your HG one?? Gonna try thiiss :D

  4. haha! I was going to give this a miss thinking it was same old conditioner in new bottle. Guess I'll try this next. What is your hair type btw?

    1. I have dry and rough(not much now) hair with a frizzy top layer...It combats the dryness and roughness, so if u r suffering from these two then u might try this!

  5. havent tried this ..sunsilk is a brand which i hv been avoiding since skool...dunno y

    1. me too wasn't a fan of this brand but I found this one good enough for my dry hair :)

  6. Nice review Pooja :) Was curious to know about it..its packaging is really masto and makes you wanna buy it rather impulsively :P But now after reading your review,I guess I can indulge in it.. ;)

    The Sweet Life


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