Beauty Check - Part 3

Hey gals! I know, I said I would be MIA for a while but couldn't resist to talk to you people as I am so addicted to this blogoverse nowadays!! :)

Here is the third part of the series Beauty Check. Check Part-1 here and Part-2 here if you don't know what I am talking about!

So what's the topic for today? It is temporary lip tattoos!

Okay first let me clarify that I am not a big fan of these but when I came across them, I thought I have to share this with all of you. Some of you might like to go for "off-the-beat" looks and are looking for some crazy new ideas maybe, then here is something you might like to try out when going for some wild-night-parties or wherever you think you can carry them off! 

Image from GoogleImages

What are these? They are the next generation of lip adornment. They’re basically like the nail strips you use in nail-arts, but these are for your mouth.The come in crazy patterns like animal prints, red fishnet, rainbow, and pink polka dot,glitter encrusted styles. 

You can also create your own styles utilizing your own lipcolors.

So what do you think about them? Would you like to try them out? ;)


  1. You know I tried doing that fishnet lips for halloween after watching a video on it, Just used a kajal to draw crosses over a red lipstick :D

  2. One need to be daring enough to pull it off :)...I don't think in India anyone wud do it normally....what with all the crazy stares from passersby :P

  3. When Lady Gaga visits India, then it'll become a fashion...
    "the animal print looks hilarious. But thanks for sharing, poo. Didn't know such a thing existed. lolz!

  4. Lolz Ondy..ya trust me to give u all the craziest ideas!!

  5. Very interesting post! Though I am not a fan of lip tattoos either. Lips look great in one colour ;)
    New follower. Hope you follow back:


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