Beauty Check - Part 1

Hey girlies! Wassup??
I thought of starting a series of posts that would give some beauty related information from worldwide cosmetics and beauty sites, I come across while surfing the net. Hence the name "Beauty Check".
So lets see what is in store for you today?

Today I would like to talk about the Nail-art craze spreading all over the world and the latest in it is the "KONAD STAMPING NAIL ART". 

From Google Images

Don't they just look gorgeous! 

So let us know what is actually Konad nail art all about?

"KONAD Stamping Nail Art is a new nail-imprinting kit that lets you put designs by stamping pre-designed images on your nails in minutes. Apply or change designs any time you want, change designs weekly, daily or as many times you want. KONAD Stamping Nail Art kit can achieve delicate details never before achieve by hand painting. Do it yourself in just minutes at home, at a friend's house or bring it anywhere you desire. You can put designs not only on your nails but on mobile phone, earrings, pendant, bracelet, gift box, watches, calculators, clocks, sunglasses or any surface of your choice. With KONAD Stamping Nail Art kit you can create perfect, professional nail designs at a fraction of the time and money, just like a professional nail artiste ... or even better. It's neat and easy !!!  " - info taken from here

They are highly popular in UK,US, even in a few countries in Asia.
Sadly for Indian residents, they are still not easily available everywhere. Heck! we still don't get O.P.I, China Glaze or Sally Hansen here easily.

You can buy KONAD Stamping Nail Art through some special Nail Spas (have mainly seen some Delhi shop yellow pages) or have to opt for online shopping!

Now lets focus on the product. This is how the kit looks like.
From Google Images
It consists of :
i) A Stamping tool (the cylindrical one with a pinkish red end)
ii) Scraping tool (the pink blade thingy at extreme left )
iii) Stamping/Image plates (the silver round discs)
iv) Image plate holder ( the pink tray below the plates)
v) Konad special nail polishes (O.P.I/ Sally Hansen or any such high end polishes)

Following are some tutorial videos I came across and liked, go through them if you are interested and start drooling on Konad Nail Art like I do :P

There are loads of other videos available on YouTube.  Go and check them out too.
Let me know how you liked the post!


  1. nice post.. how i wish -i am more patient in doing my nails... =(((
    thanks for joining the giveaway!!
    hopw you'd drop by again to my blog..


  2. im not exactly a nail person bt this looks soo nice and i think i beta start learning a lil about nails soon! it seems like fun ;0

  3. Thanks Diane and Zathi for stopping by.

    @Diane - would surely check out ur lovely posts!
    @Zathi - I know even I wasn't much a nail person but seeing this I would love to do decorating my nails :P


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