New Launch by Nivea and Contest Time! :)

How many of you avoid sunscreens due to the heavy feeling it leaves on skin or abhor the white cast it gives. I, for one is guilty of skipping sunscreen most of the times, as almost all the sunscreens I have tried till date feels heavy on my skin, making me feel uncomfortable and sweat profusely, leading to breakouts and what not!

But what about the big, bad Sun causing tan and spots on your skin ?

Seems like NIVEA has listened to our sunscreen woes and is coming up with the new NIVEA SUN Light Feeling Face Sun Fluid with SPF 30 (at Rs.349) & SPF 50 (at Rs.449) and PA++.

Innovative Light Fluid Formula for Face
  • Feels light on the skin  
  • Immediate Sun protection, do not need to wait for 20min  
  • Non- Sticky, Non-greasy  
  • Fast-Absorbing texture that doesn’t leave any residues 
  • Water resistant

Sounds promising right? Now here is some good news. One of the B.B.B readers can win a "Nivea Hamper" (details given below), getting sun protection not just for face but for body too. ;)

What you need to do:
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2)Follow @pooja_g . And tweet " Win  #NIVEA gift hamper and say bye to your sunscreen woes. @pooja_g "

3) Tell one summer skin care tip to keep suntan and spots at bay. The most interesting answer wins the hamper.

Comment below, with your FB profile name, Twitter name, Tweet URL and answer to the question.

Open to Indian residents. All the entries are mandatory. The contest is open till 30th 31st March. All the comments will be published on 31st evening. And the winner will be declared soon thereafter. Remember, the most interesting answer will take away the prize.  So get-set-go! :D

*The prize will be delivered by NIVEA PR team. The blog and blog-owner are not liable for delivery discrepancies.
 *Participants must be 18years age or must have parental consent. You need to provide your address in case you win.

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  1. Fb name- Walia Angel
    Twitter name- @angelwalia2
    tweet link-
    Answer -
    I use raw potato juice to remove tan and dark spots. It can also be mixed with a little lemon juice as lemon has natural bleaching properties. It even works for dark circles. :)

  2. summer skin care tip to keep suntan and spots at bay: slap on some sunscreen! It is cliche, yet the most important tip! Apply the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you step outside and do not forget to reapply it every few hours to keep your skin protected since its effect could wear off. Also, ensure that it is applied on all parts of the body that are exposed without just focusing on your face. Together with this, cover & protect the skin with shades, scarf, and a hat.

  3. FB profile name: Maneeta Bhansali
    Twitter name: @LadyInGhoonghat
    Tweet URL:
    Answer to the question: I posted a comment & answered this Q yesterday.. hope you got my answer.

    Also, I asked my Hubbs this Q, and his summer skin care tip is: "dhup mein nikala na karo roop ki rani, suntan and spots will always be away!" ;P

  4. As soon as i come back home, i apply a mixture of Aloe Vera gel and calamine lotion on my skin. This soothes my skin and helps me from getting burned.
    FB Name - Sudhaa Gopinath
    Twitter Id - Sudhaag17

  5. My Twitter Tweet URL-
    My twitter Handle- @ArpitaTiwary
    My FaceBook name - Arpita Tiwary

    To Keep Sun tan and Sun Spots at bay, I never, never ever, ever leave my house without a good sunscreen which has at least SPF 50 and after coming back, I make it a point to apply Pure Aloe Vera Gel to my face. This really helps :)

  6. tweet share-

  7. FB profile name - Saumya Pant
    Twitter name - Saumya Pant (Pant_o_rime)
    Tweet URL -
    Answer - Mix Haldi, Besan, Curd, a little milk and a few drops of rose water and make into a paste. Apply this paste all over your face and neck and wash off after it dries. Really helps fight suntan and spots.

    Another great idea is to make a mixture of rose water, lemon and glycerine and apply on your face before going to sleep every night. Really helps the skin get back it's glow and become flawless :)

  8. FB link:

    Twitter - @shylamenezes

    Following through @shylamenezes on both pages- @pooja_g and @NIVEA_INDIA.

    Tweeted :

    Tip : Lemon juice/Curd/Tomato juice are easily available products which help reduce tan and keep spots at bay.

  9. Fb name-racheal ally
    twitter handle- @alankritatiwari
    tweet url -
    Summer skin Tip-DRINK 12-14 GLASSES OF WATER DAILY.

  10. Facebook Name : Lavanya Sharath
    Twitter id : iam_lavanya
    Tweet Link :
    Tip: Honey mixed with lemon juice should be applied on skin. This is the best remedy to remove tan and enjoy beautiful skin this summer

  11. FB profile name - Kavita Kavita

    Twitter name - KavitaKavita22

    Tweet URL -

    My answer - Boil 1 teaspoon Tea Leaves in 1 cup water. Cool it down & store it in a spray bottle and keep it in the refrigerator. Now after washing ur face & half hour before stepping out in the Sun, spray it on ur face & the exposed areas to keep suntan and spots at bay :-)


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