TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner Review

I think my hair has gone to a stage beyond any repair. Nothing works to tame the frizz. Even my beloved HG shampoo started ditching me when I needed it the most! :( So when TRESemmé launched their Keratin Smooth range, I had high hopes. But does it deliver? Read on!

PRICE:  ₹160 (Shampoo), ₹80 (Conditioner)

QUANTITY: 225 ml (Shampoo), 100 ml (Conditioner)



WHAT IT CLAIMS: TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo transforms your hair to be smoother and easier to style. Infused with Keratin it rescues hair from the brink of unruly despair. Containing lower sulphates compared to other TRESemmé products, TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo leaves hair clean, shiny and manageable. 
The TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner helps nourish each strand to leave hair gorgeously straighter and shinier than before. In comparison to other non-conditioning shampoos, TRESemmé Keratin Smooth controls frizz for up to 48 hours and transform hair to be shinier and more manageable. 


Shampoo : Well, like the all other TRESemmé shampoos, this too came in a flip top cap bottle but red in color. The texture of the shampoo is quite runny and it lathers pretty well. It also washes off oil in one try.

After using it for more than 3 weeks, all I could say that it makes my hair look flat and tamed (by which they might mean straight and smooth!!). However my hair doesn't look less frizzy or more manageable than before. But certainly it didn't worsen the condition like the other TRESemmé ranges I tried.

Conditioner: TRESemmé Keratin Smooth  Like the shampoo, the conditioner too comes in a flip top cap bottle. The texture is creamy and thick that applies easily on hair. It has a subtle fragrance but hardly noticeable after washing it off.   

It is not anything extra-ordinary and works like any other conditioner, helps in easy detangling and smoothens and moisturises hair. 

  • Worked better than the other TRESemmé ranges for me.
  • My hair appears flat and tamed (not exactly straight and smooth)
  • Provides some shine to my locks.
  • Cleanses hair in one wash and controls tangling of hair.
  • Effective packaging. 

  • Hair still appeared frizzy.
  • Didn't provide any straightening effect.
  • Priced higher than the other TRESemmé ranges.

VERDICT: Good thing it didn't worsen the condition of my hair like the Climate control one. If you are a fan of TRESemmé then you would actually like this. 

RATINGS:  4 out of 5

**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.


  1. Looks like an average shampoo!
    Nice review Pooja.:)

  2. climate control worsen my hair condition and this one sounds okay :)

    1. this is definitely better than the climate control one for me :)

  3. am trying a tresemma at the moment and it's just meh! wanted to know how well this fared. good review on it

    1. thanks dear...this fared better than the other ranges for me! :)

  4. Im using this product at the moment and so far its ok.
    My hair is naturally dry, frizzy with a kink in it so i
    thought id try this shampoo and conditioner with hopes
    it would smooth out my hair and make it easier to
    straighten and it has done. Will see how it goes though.


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