CreaClip by Mai Lieu - Review

Do you like to spend your hard earned money (or pocket money in my case :P) to get a two inch trim of your hair every two-three months? I don’t! I only go to the hairdresser when I feel like changing my hairstyle. Other than that I like to trim and cut my bangs at home only! However there remains a risk of cutting too much hair or unequal levels, one need to have steady hands and also manage the scissors so that they don’t poke into your eyes or anywhere else! Now that makes it sound like a big hassle. Then I came to know about CreaClip which makes cutting and trimming hair at home completely hassle free. And I thought of trying it out. So I had a trimming session today with my set of CreaClip and here is the review.       

ABOUT:  The CreaClip is a hair-cutting guide that you can use at home to cut your own or others’ hair. It is easy to use: Just Clip, Slide, and Cut!
More about the Inventor of the CreaClip:
"Mai Lieu is President, CEO and founder of CreaProducts LLC, a product development and consulting firm that inspires and delivers innovative and creative products that enrich the consumer's quality of life. As an inventor and entrepreneur with 15 years experience in the beauty industry, she's won more than 7 first-place international hairdressing awards. "
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PRICE:  $29.99 (Plus P&H)

1 large sized clip for cutting long hair into layered cuts
1 medium sized clip for cutting and trimming the bangs
1 instruction manual

  • Make sure the level is aligned flush horizontally straight on the body of the clip.
  • Clip on the hair as horizontally straight as you can.
  • Wait a few seconds as the level will adjust itself.
  • Once the bubble stops, just slightly tilt the clip a little to slowly move the bubble in the middle.
  • If you want to move the bubble left tilt clockwise, and vice versa. 
As I said I used it today to get a trim so you are a getting a “fresh from the oven” experience of mine :P. I used the blue smaller clip first to cut my bangs and get the hang of how to use it. And to trim the rest of my hair I asked my mom to use the white large clip to see if she could also handle it. It only took a few minutes using a creaclip compared to the time it generally takes to comb repeatedly to level the hair and maintain the shape without one. I then tried it on my mom’s hair for a quick trim and by then I had got used to it that it took only 2 minutes Maggi time to get the whole process done. Both my mom and I found it easy-to-use and quicker method to get a good trim.
  • This makes hair trimming at home easy and quick.
  • Can be used whenever you need or feel like giving a trim to your hair.
  • There is no rocket science involved. The instruction manual is easily understandable.
  • A low maintenance handy tool to get regular trims.
  • My product was delivered within 10-12days in perfect condition.
  • Though I haven’t tried yet but have seen many YT videos of getting different hairstyles and will soon try out some of them.
  • It is pricey but this is only a one time investment and it saves your regular salon trip payments.
  • Only available through online shopping in India.
VERDICT:  I absolutely loved the product and would soon try out different hairstyles with it. If you would like to know how it works, here is a video for you.

It also comes with 30days money back guarantee if you find a defect in your product. To order your own CreaClip click here.
RATINGS: 4.5 out of 5


**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.


  1. this works great pooja..but its more easier to work on some one else..

  2. I was comfortable using it on my bangs...but on the backside I always ask my mom to help....but I am going to try it out on my own also...lets see how it fares! :)

  3. yay interesting! great find hun! love it!

  4. Omg!! this one is pretty amazingg!!
    But does it work this efficiently on curly hair too?? I always end up paying a bomb in the parlours every 4-5 months for just a trim and wash :(
    Anddd.. can u do a review on hairstyles and cuts for Curly hair?? i hardly find things on google.. :(

  5. @Viya...I have straight hair so it wasn't a problem for me...for curly hair its better u comb them thoroughly to flatten out the curls as much as u can and then use is video I came across on Cali of beauty diaries blog....she used it on her curly hair...hope this helps :)

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  6. great find hon. I know I'd still be too scared to cut my own hair though (cluck! cluck! chicken)

  7. @PB LOL!! I guess I am scared of the hairdressers :P

  8. wow. I haven´t seen anything like that before :D

  9. wow this is cool! it would help me trim my bangs :) i am too cheap to go out and waste money where i can DIY!

    angie of pandaphilia fashion

  10. @Angie. Yes it is. Do join my giveaway and u may get to win one.

  11. I entered the giveaway. Thank you so much.
    You have an award waiting on my blog

  12. @PB Got ur entry :) and thank u so much hun!! :-*

  13. wow very perfect thing i want to win :)
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    ♥ SadeeStyle ♥

  14. Wow this is so nice...Thanks for the lovely post:-)


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