Mega Festive Season Haul - Part I

Hey ya! Hope you are doing good! As I have promised to post my recent haul, so here it is. :D

The festive season has started here in India. Durga Puja which is a huge festival for us Bongs (Bengalis), has commenced on 27th September with Mahalaya and the non-bongs are also celebrating the Navratri. Durga Puja or Durgotsav means loads of shopping, lots of eating and having fun, to us, along with the rituals during these 9 days.

So coming back to the shopping part, here is what I have bought. I mainly stock on clothing suitable and comfortable for college wear and also some ethnic stuff. Now I should stop babbling and show you the pics
(please don't mind the stupid backgrounds and the pics look a little distorted as I needed to rotate them to get their full length). ;)

I mainly rely on Pantaloons or Shopper's Stop for buying my clothes. All these are bought from Pantaloons, unless otherwise stated.

I love this yarn dyed cowgirl shirt, though the pic makes it look a bit washed out. Price: Rs.999
The cute bows caught my attention and I had to buy this. Price: Rs.699

A Black Shrug to go with the previous top. This has got a multipurpose use. Price: Rs.899

I like these Balloon tops or whatever you call them as they hide those extra bulges and adds a cuteness factor. Price: Rs. 850

Another one . It looks a bit flashy in the pic but looks very sober in real. Price: Rs.899

Another balloon top. Rs. 849
Finally an ethnic wear. A Kurti in the same old anarkali style (which I am not that fond of but I really loved the color of this one and it fitted me well) Price: Rs. 1149 and the leggings is from local market Price: Rs.120
A Black Denim with some thin red threadwork. Price: Rs.1699
A black n blue Jealous 21 jeans with some fake rhinestones design on the back pockets. Price: Rs.1799
I wish the pics had come out better and I hope you didn't mind the wrinkles on some as I had to trial and retrial them so many times. Well this was my clothing haul. The part II of the haul is coming up soon! :D


  1. wowwww- the cowgal shirt!!!
    even I used to get all my tops from westside, shoppers and W...
    grt shopping gal!!!

  2. Wowow!!
    I sooooo wanna go shopiiinnnggg now!!!
    Any idea about how things are at People store now?? I went there few months ago and din't like it at allll.. :(

  3. @Viya We don't have any People store here in Kol...But... whatever, go n shop n enjoy! :D


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