Awards Time!

Hello wonderful people. I received some awards again from my fellow blogger friends here.
On to the awards now,

I received this award from Pandora`s Box who is a very talented blogger and reviews perfumes and make them sound (uhmm...smell actually ;) ) so interesting!

I received these awards from Rids who is also a cute blogger friend of mine and does awesome product reviews.
Don't forget to follow them. I have done the other rules here.

I thought of modifying the rules a bit and add some of my own. Hope you don't  mind ;)
So here they are,
  • Tell 3 things that you love about yourself.
  • Tell 3 things that you don't love/hate about yourself.
  • Tell about 3 places that you want to visit or have visited.
  • Tell 1 crazy thing you have done or would like to do.
And don't forget to mention the sender of the award and also the 15 blogs you would like to pass these awards on to and notify them.


  1. Hey! Congrats on getting the award! Have a nice day xoxo

  2. @Sonali: Thanks u so much dear! :)

    @Prachi @Ankita @Sonia: Welcome and congrats!

  3. thank you so much my love!!!
    Congrats for having those beautiful awards!!

  4. @Rekha @Diane @Poohkie u r welcome and I wud love to know more abt u :)

  5. AWW!! Thank youuuu Poooojjj!! :D :D *huuuuuggggg***!!! :D :D You just made my day :) :)
    and congradulations toooo!! :D :D

  6. HEy check out my first giveaway..will look forward for you to take part :D

  7. Congrats and thank you for awarding me as well! I've done the tags for a lot of these already, but I've linked you in my awards page ^^ Thanks so much!


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