WARNING: A Ranting Post

Hello my dear readers.Hope you all are doing fine!!  As I have said on my FB page that I would be back into posting from Wednesday and here I am one day before that as I couldn't stay away from you guys.

Today's post won't be about any review or product. I thought of summing up the last 10 days I was M.I.A on my blog through this post. Many things happened around me and/or with me. Nothing too serious :P !
Here is a bit of what I did/ what happened in this last 10 days!

:x I crossed two milestones last week on my blog (100+ GFC followers) and my FB page (50+ Likes) which is a hugeeeeeee milestone for me :D Thank you my lovely readers!

:-*  I completed 5 years with my BF :-* . Okay, technically it was 13 days ago! :">

\:D/ As you might know that the festive season has started here in India and we bongs (Bengali) will celebrate Durga Puja in few days, so I did loads of shopping (okay I am exaggerating :P). Will post about the haul in a few days. Still have some stuff left to buy :D

[-o< We were also hit by a major earthquake measured at 6.8 Richter scale.  The epicenter was at Sikkim but the aftershocks were felt in North-east and Eastern India too. No casualties here but Sikkim faced the heavy blow and damage. Please do pray for their lost souls and recovery.

*-:) I read up on many blogs, added a few more to my reading list and I did find some rather interesting ones.
Also came across a *Open letter* post which I found quite pathetic. It #trended everywhere for the last week and garnered some media attention too. Okay I don't want to go on the gory details of the post and if your are intrigued and want to read the blood boiling, stinking of racism, hypocrite post go to this link and don't forget to read up on the follow up replies on other blogs as well! 

:-B I had my internal exams in college and I happily flunked them. The semester exams are nearing (in next 1.5 months :-SS ) and all I could think of what Lipstick color should I buy. I must have gone completely M.A.D :-?

Okay I would stop my rant here! I don't wanna bore you any more. It was lovely to rant off to you guys though! :-* 

Reviews and haul posts coming up soon. And if you still haven't entered my giveaway, ENTER NOW!


  1. Hey first of all congrats for 100 followers and 5 years !! 5 years is like awesome ! and all the best for ur exams..:)

  2. 5 yrs wowww :) we need a treat babe :) n 100 followers (now as I write its 20 more :D) ur awesome pooja :) me gonna read that post link u've mentioned..

  3. wow pooja. congrats on all your acheivements, you deserve it. I am yet to enter your giveaway.. will enter soon. now of to read the link :). take care..

    and waiting for your haul post....

  4. @Bhumika thanks sweets for all ur wishes!

    @Rekha heehee :D...treat toh milegi if we tie the knot in next few years..pray for me :)

    @Indgal Thanks gal :)

  5. Welcome back and Congrats on your 5th yr anniversary and the 100th follower mark, big party's due :)

  6. congrats honey this really is a milestone. There will be other exams so don't loose heart :) Wow! That earthquake was huge. Welcome back.

  7. Congrats Pooja, for the FB likes, and also (more importantly) for your 5 year anniversary. It's a fantastic milestone.

    LOL about the exams! I'm currently preparing for some exams as well & I too keep thinking about lipstick!!! Any tips regarding concentration?

  8. @Poohkie hehehe..Uhmm...I would suggest go and splurge and buy them all till ur heart's content...after that no temptation, only concentration :P

  9. :D :D :D that's perfect!!! I might actually go & do that :))

  10. heyyy, thanks for visiting my blog!

    congrats on reaching all kinds of milestones! that's awesome ^_^

    ahhh earthquakes are scary. i hope everything gets better soon.

    also, when i was in college, all i could do was think about shopping :P (but it was okay, because i was a fashion major) ;)

    looking forward to reading more on your blog!


  11. @Erica Wow thanks for reading and commenting on my blog too :)

    I love reading ur posts!

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