Adidas For Women Eau De Toilette Pure Lightness Review

Hey ya friends! Hope you are doing well. Today I am about to review a perfume I am using these days. It is from my recent VioletBag haul. This is sort of my first perfume review and I must forewarn you I am not good at describing smells or their origins :P. So I would  try to keep it really short.

PRICE:  Rs. 350 (Rs.315 on



WHAT IT CLAIMS: "Emotions in motion with Adidas Eau de Toilette!
Because women are multi-facetted, Adidas offers contemporary fragrances that express all their moods and emotions. Discover these fragrances for active women looking for scents that capture the intense sensations of life. Adidas Fragrance Booster Eau de Toilette offer you a boost of energy and a long lasting fragrance feel all day long. Pure Lightness Eau de Toilette has a luminous floral fragrance, a long lasting scent in an elegant tall bottle. Pure Lightness perfume by Adidas is luminous, vibrant and fresh. A delicious and lighthearted feminine scent

Top Note: A sea breeze accord blends with melon and apple
Middle Note: lily of the valley, white magnolia and violet
Base Note: yellow musk,apricot and peach

Adidas being known more as a sports brand one might expect their perfumes to be all manly and musky but I assure you it is completely a floral fragrance and no male species would ever wear this be it from Adidas or any das. To my limited knowledge of plants and flowers, the smell of the perfume reminds me of pressed marigold and some other sweet smelling whose-name-I-don't-know colorful flowers, mixed with the fresh smell of earth after the first rain. Yes that's how I can describe this
best . It is very light and can be worn around daytime as well as nighttime. But the sad part is it doesn't stay for long.To sum it up,


  • It is a very light floral fragrance and gives an instant freshness to the senses.
  • Lovely blue bottle and the spritzer mouth is pretty small so one won't waste much during spraying it.
  • Price is quite agreeable for the quantity compared to other brands.
  • It doesn't stay at all for long hours. I could hardly smell it on me after half an hour.
VERDICT: I am fond of stronger perfumes that stays for long hours and don't require reapplication. If you are looking for some light floral fragrance and don't mind the staying power this could be a great buy.
RATINGS:  3.5 out of 5


  1. @Rids Thanks! :) if u r fond of light floral fragrance then this can be a nice buy! :)

  2. Nice review..Pooja..the packaging is too good..but i like strong fragrances..

  3. @Prachi Thanks too like strong fragrances but I like this one too as it is quite different from my regular frangrances...:)


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