Haul: My shopping experience at StyleCraze.com

I remember when I started this blog some six months ago, there was hardly any online shopping websites completely based on makeup and skincare products. The whole scenario has changed in these few months and now we see so mannnyyyy websites springing up everywhere. But not many work to gain the customer's trust and meet their demands. StyleCraze.com is one of those exceptions who does! :D

About: Style Craze is started by Chetana, an Amateur Make up artist from Hyderabad. 

So what prompted Chetana to start the site? 
Lack of variety in retail stores is a major concern for any Make up junkie. And when it comes to beauty, I never compromise on the Brand or the shade. StyleCraze was started so that you don't have to compromise on your Beauty needs.  - Chetana

Thank you Chetana for being the voice of our beauty needs. Our days of cribbing over the foreign brands not being available in India is slowly but surely coming to an end.

What sets StyleCraze apart from other online websites? Well, if you ask me I would say they are a hardworking team who are concentrating most on bringing the affordable foreign brands at our doorstep in minimalistic prices. 

I follow many nail blogs by international bloggers and would always pine over their lovely nail polishes at such great prices and curse our own brands for not making those beautiful polishes here.
And when I first visited this site I was bowled over to see the Orly polishes at prices as low as Rs.269 and immediately bought three of them (pics below). They are selling like hotcake on this site so don't miss out on the chance. They are already in the talks to bring NYX, ELF, BB creams and many more wanted brands and products. Their website has updated so many brands already since I checked it out for the first time.

With StyleCraze they claim,
a. Get access to the Largest collection of Cosmetics & Beauty care brands at one place
b. Upto 25% lower prices than Retail stores - No physical stores implies less costs, we prefer to pass this on to the customer in terms of lower prices
c. Amazing Customer Service: We pride in our Customer Service. All the products on the site are in stock & ready to ship. So we ship within a maximum of 3 Business days of receiving the order.

My Experience: Now coming to what,when and how I ordered and received my package.

First I registered myself on their site filling in my contact details so that I don't have to do the task over and over again at checkout. I placed my order, of three Orly polishes in Witches Blue , Goth, Luxe (I am becoming such a nail fanatic), on 13th November, Sunday afternoon and received a confirmation mail on the same in few minutes. 

I received another mail about the dispatch of the products on the next day and received it today i.e 16th November afternoon and they stood to their claim of delivering within 3 days. :D

The products came in a securely sealed box with the products inside in a few bubble wraps and also some free gifts of artificial nails and samples too.
Check out the pics,

Oh and did I say they provide Cash on Delivery, and also Free Shipping on minimal purchase of Rs.250, otherwise they charge a meager Rs.35 (which is much less than any other websites shipping charges) and also provide huge discounts and not to forget free gifts and samples with every order. 
Only thing I would like them to improve is, some attractive packaging would add more appeal to the ladies. :)

They are such a friendly and hardworking team, listening to all our crazy demands (I interacted through emails with them at ungodly hours like 11.30PM :-O and they were working on updating more brands). They are bringing the best of both worlds (i.e both national and international brands) at helluva prices and not to forget my fave Orly's polishes. Go and check them out now. I hope you too have a great time shopping there. 

** PR provided a gift coupon for discount, but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.


  1. Hi Pooja, thanks for the wonderful review. I really want to see how the "Witch's Blue" looks on your nails as I have not tried it myself. I mostly stick to Reds.


  2. @Chetana Thanks for visiting my blog and you are welcome. :) "Witches blue" is a gorgeous blue color with finely milled sparkles in it...I swatched it only on my index finger so didn't take a pic. I loved all the three shades. Will post a detailed review after my semester exams gets over and provide you the links then :D

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  4. @Nehaal Thanks and ya do try out this gr8 site. And yes I know about DealsAndYou.

  5. Yeah sure pooja...I'll try it out as well suggest my pals too...thanks a ton for your great update...

  6. oh wow .. waiting for swatches of the nail paints


  7. @Rids Would do after my sem gets over but they are truly G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S

  8. oo..des look nice..waiting for swatches..I got my Faces stuff there finally !! Its such a pain to Find Faces counter here :/

  9. @Bhumika Yes they have :D and they stocked the NYX too yesterday..I hope they stock the NYX round lipstick too!

  10. Hugge box! excited for the orly swatches! hihi

  11. lovely :) me got couple of orly's from them as well :)

  12. @Diane Haha that's the camera angle effect :P ya would do swatches review and some NOTDs after my semesters.

    Rekha Yay *highfive*...they r really superb! :D

  13. I'm loving ur blog! I'm following you now. ^_^. Great haul. I'm loving the Orly nail paint in VIP.

    Follow back if you'd like ^_^


  14. @crazypoplock Thanks girlie! would surely do :)

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  16. very useful post! i have ordered several stuff from them ,lets see, fingers crossed.joined u :)

  17. Thats really interesting to know ur shopping experience. And really apperciated for sharing it.
    Cheers !!
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