Beauty Check - Part 12

So, Aztec is the new Neon this seaon?!
But wait, what's AZTEC?

Aztec clothing was worn by the tribes that made up the Aztec empire in central Mexico. Its prints are all about strong shapes, fabrics filled with triangles and circles, black outlines and lots of strong colours. And this trend made it's way to various runway this fall season, be it the Paris Fashion Week, or London Fashion Week SS13.

And being a a Nail Art freak,I was searching around to see some Aztec inspired Nail arts and see what I found,

Aren't they droolworthy! :D

I remember as a kid/teenager, I used to try doodling on my nails, but they were never so beautiful and neat. 

Want to see how it can be done? Follow this simple tutorial,

Let me know if you have tried this out! ;) 

**Images are sourced from Google for representation purpose only. Read my disclaimer.  


  1. o my gosh..the nails!! I dont think i can ever do that on my nails!!

  2. I tried too many times and failed!! But Hats off to these people who do nail arts so well!! :)

  3. I LOVE aztec prints! Sadly, it takes a lot of effort to make my nails look that good.. usually ends up being a total flop :D

  4. I love how Aztec skirt looks..and livens up whole outfit..want one !

    1. I m sure ur wish would be fulfilled soon...and the fashion streets and marts r going to overflow with these designs :D

  5. I love lail art..but I can never get the right hand nails left hand is pathetic at applying nailpolish lol...and designs?? OH HELL NO.


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