ColorBar Lip Pot - Shade Pink Velvet (009) Review

You are my pumpkin pumpkin, hello hunny bunny :P I know this song sounds so stupid, but it does get to you right! :P Okay, yeah, I am short of new introduction ideas. So.. be it! :P

Well, today I am going to review the  ColorBar Lip Pot in shade Pink Velvet which I have been eyeing for a really long time, (what's happened to me, 90% of my lippies are pink! but yeah I am surely digging this literally! :P ) and finally got it in my recent Myntra Haul.

PRICE:  Rs.495




Pamper your lips with this deliciously, syrupy lip color. Cushiony and wet, it optically plumps your lips for a sexy plushy pout you will become addicted to ! Comfortable and emollient. Lips that look lush, plush and gorgeous. 

Left: Hand swatch in flash;     Right: Top: In Lowlight; Middle: Daylight; Bottom: With Flash;

ColorBar Lip Pot, as the name suggests, is a lipstick+gloss in a pot. The shade Pink Velvet is a pretty pink, with purple undertones, which would suit most of the skin tones. The texture is very smooth and creamy, and glides on lips easily and doesn't settle in fine lines. It moisturises lips and keeps it hydrated for really long, even in this winter without any lipbalm underneath.  It gives a plush, glossy finish, which fades as the hours pass by. The plump effect is due to this gloss like finish.

Coming to the staying power. It easily lasts through 4-5 hours wear even with little snacking in between, but obviously doesn't survive a large meal as it is so creamy. After which it leaves a dark pint tint, which looks good on its own too. Only con about this one, is that its not an on-the-go lippie, as you surely need a lip brush and ample time to apply it with precision, else it does tend to bleed a little. It's a bit pricey, but then the quantity and the quality compensates for it. To sum it up,
  • Creamy, soft texture that glides easily on lips.
  • Gives a glossy, plumpy effect. 
  • Moisturises lips for as long as it stays.
  • Easily lasts through 4-5 hours of wear, even with a little snacking in between.
  • Pink Velvet is a pretty pink shade with purple undertones that would suit most skin tones. 
  • This shade leaves a dark pinkish tint. 
  • Little pricey but the quantity and the quality you get compensates for it.

  • Requires a little precision to apply else it might bleed.
  • Can't use it on-the-go, as a lip brush is required. 

VERDICT: I love the shade. I love the texture. I love the staying power. I love it on me. Need I say more? ;) Let me know, if you have tried it and whether you liked it or not! :)

RATINGS:  4.75 out of 5


  1. Replies
    1. haha.... cute me or the pot?? ;) thanks Preetha and glad u liked it :)

  2. Replies
    1. aww dear :D sure would give you one when I get to meet you *hugs* :)

  3. Looks nice :) But glossy lip balms and lipsticks make me look really weird :D :(

    1. actually its all in our mind...I used to run away from bright lippies, now I quite like them...try it at home and then wear it outside when u become comfortable :)

  4. Beautiful Color Pooja.:) and the lip swatches too.:)

  5. i like the shade... I picked up the toffee tango shade recently.. will be reviewing it soon :)
    lovely review

  6. nice review color seems really nice & amazed to know being a gloss it has nice staying power ,well i think u hv such pretty lips anycolor will look pretty

    1. LOL...I have such chotu lips..but thanks for the compliment Punam :) <3


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