B.B.B and Maybelline New York India “IT DOESN’T LAST LONG ENOUGH” Contest WINNER :D

Thanks to all those who entered the contest and hope you had fun :D 
I got some really quirky answers, where Shilpa and MoonStar wished the love and frequent hugs lasted longer like it used to in the initial days and Prachi and Poorna resonated their wish that the 20s lasted long, Nupur would have liked the warmth of her Hot chocolate to last and Ally the last 5 extra minutes to study, Saumya pointed out that the public buzz on issues lasted longer to bring on some effect, and Maneeta's secrets don't last long enough with her :P. But, the answer which took away the prize is.....

Congrats Nids! :D Contact me within 48 hours and email me your details. Don't be sad, if you didn't win this time and stay tuned for more fun contests in the coming days! ;)


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