Sunday Peek: The Art of life

Hey guys! I am back on this series, with a blogger all the way from Bahrain. She is Samantha Dsouza and writes about her thoughts, dreams and life at  ☻✿✪ The Art ♥f Life ✪✿☻.

Here is what she has to say about it,

Hello Everyone :) Welcome to my blog !  

Let me introduce myself , my Name is Samantha D'souza. I live in a little Island called the Kingdom of Bahrain. I've been thinking about starting my blog for a while now and finally i decided that ill just start writing.   

I write about life, interests, dreams, advice , few DIY projects, reviews, try to motivate and inspire etc.. This is a place where i get to express myself and share my thoughts."

Wish you all the very best with your blog Samantha, and you guys don't forget to check out ☻✿✪ The Art ♥f Life ✪✿☻ and share some love. :)

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