My first Vellvette Box (March) :)

Hey ya gals! As many of you know, the Vellvette Beauty Box is one of the most raved beauty boxes in India at present, and I had an itch to subscribe to it, but withheld my decision as the "rational me" thought, what I am gonna do with these little samples when I have bottles of other products to finish up! While I was pining for it, they posted an offer, of an extra sample for the March subscription (also extra sample each month with 6 months subs) and greedy me jumped the bandwagon. 

I placed the order for the 6 months subscription (quite a huge leap there! ;) ), which took a little while to get confirmed as I missed their confirmation call. Anyhow, it got confirmed on 31st March and I received my first Vellvette beauty box today. Yipee! :)  

Meanwhile, I got an idea of what to expect in my March box from my other blogger friends and I wasn't happy with some of the products. Thankfully, it isn't a total fail for me, even though I got those products which I disliked in the other's boxes.

Time for some pics. Unwrapping the box (it smelled heavenly when I opened it, but that went away after some time),

Goodies I got,
  • Remy Laure DNA Beauty Cream + DNA Hydra Mask samples.
  • Mary Kay Lip Liner and 2 Eye liner samples.
  • Lush Dream Cream Hand and Body lotion sample.
  • Purely Pro Blush - Strawberry (Bonus product)
  • Meiji Amino Collagen Skin Glow  (Bonus product)

I liked the Lush Dream cream (as I have never tried anything from this brand) and the Purely Pro Blush (which is a repeat product from Feb box and I don't have much idea about the brand) out of all the samples. I handed over the Meiji collagen pack to my mom, as I am not risking to drink that myself. One thing about the samples, that they are really tiny and hardly would last 1-2times of use (except the blush), so I won't be reviewing these samples as such. 

Overall, I am satisfied with my box but not overly happy and excited as I thought I would be. Looking forward to the April box now and I hope to see some Victoria Secret, OPI, TBS and other fragrance samples (as I also suggested in my questionnaire) that made me subscribe to it. Vellvette team, are you listening? ;)


  1. good one... :)lush dream cream is good out of everything :)

  2. I haven't subd yet ! tempting stuffs really :)

  3. Every who got that drink thing hates it. But the blush looks like a lovely colour :))

  4. We have same box Pooja except for the Blush as I got the O.P.I. :)
    even I subscribed for 6 months. I am also satisfied. let's see what comes next!

  5. My box is totally diff expect that drink and those samples by DNA.


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