PR Info: Dove's New Go Fresh Nourishment Body Lotion

Dove's Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion for cool summer skin and super confidence

With refreshing cucumber extracts and aromatic green tea scent

Summer is a tough season for your body. Hot, humid, dusty, dry and sweaty, it makes you uncomfortable physically and robs you of confidence internally. Dove knows that when your skin feels beautiful & nourished, it allows you to express yourself more openly & confidently, because when you feel confident in your skin, it shows in your body language.

Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion with advanced Deep Care Complex is enriched with rich cucumber extracts and green tea scents to leave your skin feeling soft and smooth with a cooling sensation that is perfect for this season.

Deep Care Complex is a combination of natural skin nutrients and essential oils that nourish skin deep down while delivering superior care for all skin types and needs. It is a blend of skin care ingredients including a patented skin nutrient technology that deeply nourishes the skin and replenishes the moisture levels to give you long lasting, soft and smooth skin. It is easy to spread and is absorbed by the skin to instantly hydrate without making you feel oily.

Cucumber extract is a naturally hydrating substance and also provides vitamins and minerals that enhance the complexion and adds a glow to your skin. It has a cooling after-effect that soothes and rejuvenates the skin.

The powerful combination of rich cucumber extract and the aromatic green tea scent leaves a refreshingly cool sensation that provides a unique sensory experience.

Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion also includes key nutrients like glycerol which makes skin moist, soft and supple to touch. Amino acids, act as a repair treatment from within keeping the skin smooth and elastic. The moisturizing emollience of sunflower seed oil has the primary objective of reinforcing the skin barrier.

According to Dove's Body Language Expert, Dr. David Leffell, "Keeping our skin healthy and well-nourished is essential to good health. When used as part of a daily beauty regime, the Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion consistently improves and protects the condition of your skin, ensuring it is well nourished.”

Dove wants all women to have a happy confident body language and Go Fresh Nourishment is the first step to attain this with soft, supple and beautiful skin. 

So go beyond moisturisation this summer for true skin nourishment with ‘Go Fresh Nourishment body lotion’

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Rs. 80.00


  1. No doubt this body lotion is good in time, and I know a better company whose manufactuer body lotion by natural ingredients.


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