Firstly a big sorrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy that I could not reply you guys and could not come up with any posts on time as because my net went dead (again!). I missed you all so badly!!  :)

Now coming to the BIG news. My blog has been awarded with the following BLOG E-AWARD. This is such a super amazing moment for me.

Rids, (she is a complete sweet heart :-*) first tagged me with the award. I cannot thank you enough!!
Then today again Rekha  ( she is such a darling friend I have got through this blogging world :-*) again forwarded me this award. Thank You Rids and Rekha for giving me this honour!  All of you must check out their amazing blogs.

Now, coming to the award, below are the rules:

The Rules:

1. Link back to the person who awarded this award to you:

 I thank Rids and Rekha   for the award!! :D

2. Share 7 Random things about yourself:
Here are a few facts ( beware they would be a bit long and completely non-beauty related!) about me!

  1. I think I am a very emotional kind of person. I get tearful while reading a touching/sad story, even seeing others getting emotional or in pain(and they can be complete strangers to me!). ok that's a bit odd I know but that's me!Can't help it.
  2. I might have a cool demeanor but I do have a nasty temper at times :P!!
  3. I am really very lazy and I get my fair share of scoldings for that!
  4. I am NOT afraid of street dogs but I get afraid of pet dogs! I don't like pets as such but that doesn't mean that I hate animals or anything. It's just that I believe GOD has given them their own survival instinct and so just let them be! (I hope the pet lovers here don't unfollow or block me out now....err!!)
  5. I can't live without Internet or my Laptop. Without them I feel my life is empty!! :(
  6. I was a Farmville freak, then became a Cityville addict. Now my blog and this whole blogosphere is my new addiction. Seriously guys I can't live without you people now. I have to, have to come online just to visit my blog and dashboard for updates from you lovely people. Even when I was having problems with my net these past few days, I tried every means to come online atleast once whether through mobile or my college internet cafe.
  7. I can go on babbling about myself when given a chance as you can see above :P.  Otherwise I am a very silent kind of person .
3. Answer the following questions:

Name your favorite color: White

Name your favorite song: I love hindi bollywood songs and current fav songs are from Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara.
Name your favorite dessert: Sizzling brownies
What is pissing you off?: Hypocrisy
When you’re upset, you?: Sleep
Your favorite pet:  I don't like pets much but if I ever want an animal that would be a stallion. ;)
Black or White? :White
Your biggest fear?: Losing the people close to my heart.
My best feature is: Lips
Everyday attitude: Being your true self.
What is perfection: Perfection is one's own feeling of satisfaction with themselves or their work. 
Guilty pleasure: Anything with chocolate in it . 
4. Award 15 blogs:
 Though I would like to give it to everyone out here but to abide by the rules following are the 15 blogs that have been quite inspiring to me and also I feel I have specially bonded with the bloggers though these blogs. 
  This post was so much fun and thanks again for the award!! :-D


  1. ThanQQQ sooo much pooja and congrats... :-)) i totally relate to you on that emotional part..even i cry a lot while watching sad movie scenes,songs and people/animals who are in pain.

  2. Thanks Siri! :-*...n wow we have dat emotional 'bones' in common :) :P

  3. Congrats gal, I have very similar characteristics as you have. The points 1,2,3,5 and 6 describes me the best..

  4. wow I like the Stallion pet thing ;) and totally agree ZNMD songs are awesome :)

  5. Congrats on the award! And I LOVE sizzling brownies too! That trend has not caught on in the US yet, but I like to make them at home.

  6. @ Rekha haha...thanx :D

    @Kajal Couture. thank u so much!! n ya i love brownies!!

  7. It was fun reading Pooja, thanks for the award buddy :)

  8. Thank you sooo much Pooja :D
    me too love brownies soo much :D

  9. Thanks a ton Pooja :) ANd coongrats on byr award..hope there r gazillion more to comde :)

  10. ohhhhhhhhh THANK YOU!!!!!!!!! i dint know you gave me an award!!!!!!!! i just found out girl!! im so happyyyyy!! Thanks a million!

  11. @Zathi ...I also commented the same in one of your blog posts!!

  12. @Prachi :-*

    @Zathi r u asking or stating?? :P


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