L.A. Girl Quick Dry Top Coat Review

Hey ya girls! The festivities are about to start here, tomorrow being 'Mahalaya', officially the 'first' day of Durga Puja. :D Let me know if you would like to see my apparel and shoes haul and also the festival pictures as I go pandal hopping in the coming days? Ufff...so much plans!:P Let's get back to business and get on with today's review of L.A. Girl Quick Dry Top Coat.

PRICE: Rs.250


L-R: 1)No Topcoat, 2)Just Applied, 3)After it dried up.
MY EXPERIENCE: I was looking for a good quality top coat, and chanced upon this and got it without checking out much reviews. I was hoping it would be good, but sadly it failed to work as per my expectations. I really don't have nice things to say about it apart from the fact that they don't test on animals. 

So I would go straight to the cons. Firstly, it is not quick dry though the name suggests otherwise. Okay, maybe on bare nails one coat dries quick, but on layers of NPs, it doesn't. Rather it makes the dried up base polishes squishy and smudges(?) easily/accidentally. Secondly, I expected better shine/glossiness from this brand, but it loses the shine as it dries up. Next, a funny thing about this, it just peels off the whole base layers within two days. To take it in a positive way, it saves up your nail remover :P. Since it doesn't work, I really find the price steep!

  • The brush quality is nice.
  • Doesn't test on animals.
  • Saves up nail removers, as it peels off the base layers of polishes.

  • Not quick drying. Takes hours to get totally dry.
  • The base layers gets squishy/smudged.
  • Doesn't provide much shine/glossiness like other topcoats.
  • Chips and peels in two days.
  • Price pinches as it doesn't work as per the claims.

VERDICT: I get better results with my Gala of London basecoat/topcoat than this one and that too under 100 bucks. So not really digging this one. Anyone else tried it? Let me know! :)

RATINGS:  2.5 out of 5


  1. Poojaa...
    Does it by any chance give a matte finish?

    1. Nope..no matte finish Appu (how I wish though!)...it is more like a normal NP shine.

  2. wow...cute one.... Luv to see ur apparel and shoe pictures.... huv are you my dear..I am still having pblms on ur blog compatibility....maybe the browser issue.... :)) u tc...

    1. I am fine Renji :) Hope u r doing good! I don't know what the problem is with this page :( I hope it sorts out soon!

  3. Awww, I wish it was a nice product. I guess I am still on the prowl for a nice base and top coat then.
    I really like your blog Pooja.
    Lagos, Nigeria


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