Philips SalonStraight Active Ion HP8310 Hair Straightener Review

Hey gals! How are you doing? Today I am going to review the Philips SalonStraight Active Ion HP8310 Hair Straightener, which is my first ever hair straightener ever. So read on to know more.

PRICE:  Rs.1995

QUANTITY: 1 straightener 

 Beautifully styled hair:      
  • 210C professional high heat for perfect salon results
  • Ion Conditioning for shiny, frizz free hair  
Less hair damage      
  • Ceramic plates for smooth gliding and shiny hair  
Ease of use :    
  • Fast heat up time, ready to use in 60 seconds     
  • Automatic shut-off after 60 min     
  • Easy lock for convenient storage     
  • Swivel cord to prevent tangled wires     
  • 1.8 m cord for maximum flexibility     
  • Universal voltage


  1. Long swivel cord.
  2. Thin purple plates
  3. Mini On/Off switch.
  4. Easy lock.

As this was my first hair straightener, I was quite apprehensive about using it correctly, without causing any damage to my hair. However, I found it quite easy to handle and use beign a first time user, although I had a few mishaps too. First thing is that, it heats up pretty fast, within 60 secs, and I prefer to switch off the button before putting it on my hair, to lessen the heat damage, and go over each section of hair 2-3 times, and switch it on again to heat up and use it on other sections of hair. This is entirely my own process of using it, as I have semi straight hair which doesn't require much heat and I also use a heat protector spray to prevent further damages. Secondly, I would like to warn you that, never use it on wet hair, not even semi wet or slightly wet, unless you want to get steamed-fried hair. Yeah I got a one-time experience of that, with steam coming out of my hair and that frying sound. :P

For best results, I follow this process-> Spray the heat protector spray on semi wet hair, use a hair dryer on medium heat to dry up hair, then use the straightener. Coming to the results, it adds a glossy shine, and gives perfect salon like straight hair, yet it doesn't feel wiry/rough, but very soft and smooth to touch (the added benefit of the heat protector spray I guess), and combats the frizz problem of my hair exceptionally well, the sole reason I got this straightener for. 

(*Updated Pictures)

Just combed through hair. As you can see my hair is frizzy and slightly wavy and almost shapeless.

It does look much better and shinier and in a proper shape. ;) ( Oops I missed some strands at the back. :P )
The effect lasts almost the whole day (well more than 9 hours, the longest I tried to maintain it and then I slept on it, and my hair still felt quite smooth and straight even next day). And even on frequent use during the Pujo, it didn't cause any damage to my hair, but I won't recommend you to use it everyday/frequently, as heat does damage hair in the long run. It also works great to add bouncy curls at ends, however I am still not an expert to use it to curl the length of my hair. Coming to the packaging, I just love the whole look of it, the purple plates, the black body with the design, the swivel cord, the easy snap lock to snap shut the plates for compact storage, whoever has designed it has done a great job indeed. All in all, I just loved it.

  • Gives perfect salon like hair.
  • The ionic plates adds a glossy shine to hair and combats frizz.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle.
  • Love the overall effective, compact design and the classy look.
  • The straightened effect lasts more than 9 hours on me, with very little frizz/flyaways (I have/had straight hair, which got a little wavy due to all the layers). 

  • Won't work on wet hair.
  • Not a con for any specific straightner, but the whole process is quite time consuming. :P

VERDICT:  If you are looking for a moderate priced hair straightener that really works, then Philips Salon-Straight Active Ion HP8310 can be a great option.

RATINGS:  4.5 out of 5


  1. sounds good... i have another one from Philips, and that's good too!
    nice review:)

    1. Hi ritu may I knw wht is the other philips u using? Is that better than this?or it is just same

  2. never tried hair straightening, but gonna surely recommend this one to friends :)

  3. nice review pooja..i agree its so time consuming..this one is budget frdly..but i tried it at the store n it dint work on my corase hair..:(

    1. I think u should use it at full heat...and go over the same section 2-3 times to see the result...even my straight hair needs to go over 2-3 times to show the effect.

  4. Hair styling does take time but it sure is worth it ^_^. Hair straightening and curling cannot be done on wet hair. Always blow dry and then style accordingly. I would suggest you get heat protecting spray as well later on ^_^. Great review.

    1. LOL I do use a heat protecting spray as I have mentioned in the post. :P :)

  5. Nice honest review given by you pooja ,can you show some pics for ur hair after it done so that we can know the output of it better..

  6. Nice honest review give by you pooja,can you just show some more pics of your hair so that we can know and see what the output of it.

    1. Hey Mofika, thank u so much..I was planning to put a before and after pic, but somehow I just forgot....since you requested it now, I would surely update the post again with a before and after pic....just give me a few days dear :)

  7. I have HP8300..this one is better..but as u mentioned its time consuming I also hardly use :p And I am also scared bout damaging hair actly..

    1. true...frequent use does damage hair...but I kept it for spcl occasions :)

  8. I bought this too before Pujo and have been using it regularly. Works very well for me


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