Cosmedic Eracne N Night Therapy Review

Happy Republic Day to my Indian friends :)

Today I thought of reviewing the Cosmedic Eracne N Night Therapy gel which I have been trying out on and off for past 3 weeks. If you are suffering from bouts of acne, read this review to know if this night therapy is effective or not.

PRICE:  Rs.755



Breakthrough overnight gel treatment therapy simultaneously heals acne, decreases oil production, reduces the appearance of scars and prevents future breakouts within days. Our proprietary pore clearing complex combines irritation-free BioSuphur, Salicylic Acid and Retinyl Palmitate for synergistically improved results.     
Hypoallergenic - Non-Comedogenic - Oil-Free - Fast-Absorbing

MY EXPERIENCE: Cosmedic Eracne N Night Therapy comes in a simple green, tub packaging. But, due to the texture and consistency of the gel, I think the tub packaging is really disadvantageous. The mouth is a little too small for my large fingers, and if I try to pour it out, too much quantity comes out leading to wastage. The texture and consistency is a bit slippery and thin serum like and for that I would have preferred a pump dispenser bottle. It has got a medicinal smell, which is a bit strong initially but then hardly noticeable after sometime. 

Anyhow, the main point is if the gel/cream works or not and yes it does, to a great extent. I get two or three (sometimes a lot more) acne every month, which is a serious mood breaker, as the marks that are left, takes longer to fade. After I started using this gel, I saw that it controlled the breakouts and didn't let the present acne to grow bigger. The gel spreads easily and takes a little time to get absorbed. On application it leaves a little tingling sensation and feels a bit sticky (like in case of aloe vera gel), but that subsides in a few minutes. Once it gets absorbed, there is no oily/sticky feeling. However, it doesn't moisturise skin (nor does it dry out). 

Not only does it control acne, but I have seen the acne spots I had, became a little lighter but it still has long way to go to give complete spotless skin. I also stopped using it in the middle to check if the acne comes back, but fortunately I didn't get any new bouts in the past 3 weeks. The price sounds steep, but then only a little amount is required everytime and one tub would last really long, and when I say that it means really long. :P To sum up,

  • Serum like consistency that doesn't feel heavy on skin.
  • Doesn't make skin oily.
  • Controls formation of acne to a great extent. 
  • Lightens acne spots.
  • Didn't cause any irritation.
  • No OTT claims, and works as per the claims.
  • It is a little pricey, but the tub would last long.
  • No new bouts of acne even after I stopped using it in the middle for a few days.

  • The tub packaging doesn't work for this kind of serum like consistency. Also, add the hygiene issue.
  • Doesn't moisturise skin much.
  • Not a fan of the medicinal smell.
  • Available online and select outlets. You can buy it from here.

VERDICT: It works and controls acne, but this is tested on my dry, problematic (adult acne) skin, which gets a few acne every month. I can't vouch for severe acne cases. It is hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic and oil-free, so it won't worsen or irritate your skin. But the results might vary. Hence try it at your own discretion.

RATINGS:  4 out of 5

**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.


  1. Oh I am using this and its totally working on my acne prone oily skin too :D

  2. WOW !! looks like a really great product, retinyl palmitate is photostable version of retinol !! And sulfur plus salicylic acid could make this work really good for acne prone skin like mine !... lovely review !!

    1. thanks Rashmi :)...since u gave approval on the ingredients list, and Nams confirmed the proven results on oily acne prone skin, I can now wholeheartedly recommend this to everyone with any skintype facing acne problem. :D

  3. Nice review's so difficult to find good anti-acne products...I would want to try this too..i do get occasional pimples...

  4. Hi Pooja Nice Review dear.... Seems it is a good product...worth for trying....


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