TRESemmé Hair Fall Defense Shampoo Review

Le Me: Dad this is Hairfall control shampoo, I wanted the Climate control one!

Le Dad: The shopkeeper said it is "some" control. How would I know, and anyways, its also a shampoo, no!

Le Me: *facepalm*

This is what happens when you add your products to the grocery list, when your dad is going to the market. :P

So I got to try out the TRESemmé Hair Fall Defense shampoo by mistake, as I couldn't make my lazybum to move and go and exchange it, and I wasn't even sure whether the local shop would exchange it or not. Anywho, here is my review on the Shampoo.

PRICE:  Rs.128



* Targets your most damaged areas to strengthen and help restore your hair. 
* Gives you stronger, smoother hair with less hair fall due to breakage each time you shampoo. 
* Gentle enough for daily use.

MY EXPERIENCE: When the TRESemmé range of products got launched in India, I thought it would be some high end salon range, way beyond my budget. But, to my surprise their products are highly affordable. TRESemmé Hair Fall Defense shampoo comes in a simple black, flip cap packaging. The consistency is medium thick that spreads easily, and lathers really well even when taken in small quantity. It makes hair *squeaky* clean, like really *squeaky* *squeaky* *squeaky* sound making clean. ;)

Coming to the claims, yes it does reduce hairfall due to 'breakage', but don't expect it to stop hairfall (or cure any chronic problem), which is an abnormal concept in itself. Like any other good shampoo, it makes my hair soft, shiny, bouncy. Doesn't work much on my frizz problem, but doesn't make it look dry, straw-like either. Also, I expected a nice salon product like fragrance, but this doesn't have any discernible smell as such. To sum it up, 

  • A little goes a long way, and lathers very well.
  • Cleanses hair properly.
  • Combats hairfall due to 'breakage'.
  • Adds shine, softness and bounce to hair.
  • Simple, travel friendly packaging.  
  • Affordable and available in various sizes. 

  • Doesn't work on my frizz problem.
  • No salon product like fragrance.

VERDICT: If you see one too many hairs in your palm, while shampooing your hair, then the TRESemmé Hair Fall Defense shampoo could be a better option to try out. But, if you have chronic hairfall problem, this is not a solution. Overall, it's really a nice product. Only that I wanted to try out the Climate control one and now I have taken the matter in my own hands and ordered it online. :P

RATINGS:  4.25 out of 5


  1. he he.. it happened with me as well so i am better buy the products myself.:)
    I have used it .. works good.

  2. Iv used the climate control range of shampoo and conditioner and trust me, they are fab..! The hairfall I used to have by using sunsilk, dove, and even "patanjali" shampoo was all stopped literally after I used these. And so, iv ordered my hubby to get it from Saudi when he comes here..!

    1. I cant wait to start on the climate control one :D

  3. hahahaha.well said pooja ! after marriage its being long time that it is not happened with me now a days :( i miss my dad yaar !
    ohh ! nice review .but does it work for you? coz it became disaster for me :(

    1. aww :(

      err why did it became a disaster for u? coz it worked pretty nicely for me, except for the frizz problem that doesn't go.

  4. gud 1... this didn't work for me tht well too... but then not a bad product ;)

  5. lol... all dads are the same... :D

    i totally agree with ur review.... :D

  6. sounds average for the ? lovely review btw :)

    1. I would say its a decent product for the price...rates high for me coz of the cleansing and hair breakage control it does.

  7. Ha ha!!! So sad!!! :P
    Anyways, nice review.
    Btw, does it work without a conditioner.
    I mean does it detangle hair?

    1. tnx dear...I dont use conditioner on half of the days, but that doesn't cause problem to detangle hair


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