Beauty Secrets ;)

Hey guys! I was just going through the entries from my last GlossyBox giveaway and there was this entry for sharing one beauty secret and some of you have posted yours and I thought, why don't I share the same with my other readers and we all might get benefited from some of them.

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So here is the whole bunch of hidden beauty secrets from my fellow beauty bloggers and beauty enthusiasts!

Bhumika shares "Using curd once a week on the face..the lactic acid helps cleanse and clear the skin..and lightly bleaches too".

Sangeeta G shares "I always end a hair shower with cold water to lock in the moisture".

Indgal shares "Use honey and sugar as an effective face and lip scrub."

Jyotsna Bms shares "I use ubtan everyday that keeps my skin glowy and totally saves me from the pollution everyday".

Swati Kungwani shares "Use Lemon+honey once in a week before your bath for 10 mins then simply wash it with milk n water."

Kejal shares "Rub potato peel to get rid of puffy eyes."

Prerana kedia shares "Drink lots of water".

Namitha Kashyap shares "Lemon Juice followed with honey mask for acne scars. "

Precious Pearl shares "Sugar is the best exfoliator."

Nitya karthick shares "Applying toothpaste on pimples at night makes them go away. "

Richa Singhal shares "Grate two almonds with three tablespoon of milk n apply it our skin and leave it for 5 mins...and then rinse...use it regularly...u wont require any fair n lovely products."

Pragati Singh shares "Glycerine makes eyelashes longer!"

Apurva Saxena shares "I use glycerin and lemon mix throughout the winters to keep my skin moist and glowing "

Thanks guys for sharing your tips and secrets with me. I am sure many of us would find some helpful pointers in them to follow. :-*


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