My Entry - Illamasqua Iconic-I Contest

Hey ya beauties! Getting addicted to beauty blogs and following on makeup gurus, certainly has many advantages. I got to learn a lot from them and I like to channelize what I learnt through my own blog.

Remember I told you all about the The Illamasqua Sophie-I smoky eye technique. Well, they have contest running here, in which I thought to participate. 3 lucky winners will be chosen to select £100 of cult Illamasqua pieces of their choice for their prize!This contest is going to end on February 23

Ofcourse, I am still a beginner and can't match the perfection of the pro-s who are also participating in the contest. But, still thought of giving it a try. So, here is my look,

I can never get my lines straight *kill me* :P.
Do share your look if you are participating too.


  1. I think you've done a pretty cool job...looks pretty neat to me. *thumbs up*

  2. nice make up!! Love it!

    But... please, do something about that "hello kitty"... ... please don't take it bad, but... I really had to tell it to you... it's a bit annoying when you have a little screen like mine...

  3. My god which green liner and shadow you have used, its so intense and sooooo gorgeous!!!!

  4. wait a miute is it faces forest green??? which eyeshdow ?

    1. Yes, its Faces forest green liner, topped with Tourmaline eye pigment from Nature's Brilliance By Sue and the silver is the Motives Pressed Eye Shadow Star Struck :)

    2. and a little bit of NYX long eye pencil in Silver on the waterline.

  5. wow! thts a nice attempt Pooja. :) luved it.

    Now u all are getting me tempted to try this look. :P hope i get my lazy bones to work a bit and do it. ;)

  6. i can't express by word how beautiful is looking................. ki je boli???


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