Parachute Advansed Body Lotion Review

Didn't I say I will be MIA for a while? Well...ya..kind of...err :P...actually I will be busy with some project work, a friend's wedding, some campus programme, all jam-packed in the upcoming week. So yeah, thought of making the most of this weekend by posting atleast one review before I go on the week long hiatus.
So, today on the menu is(are?) Parachute Advansed Body Lotion(s) that I got recently. Remember the pre-valentine gift :P. 

I tried both the variants for the last week or so, and now I am ready to put forward what I think of these two products variants, i.e. (i)Dry Skin Intense Care 

and (ii)All season Gentle Care 

from Parachute Advansed Body Lotion range. Before I start the review, I must tell you that I have dry skin in winters, but now, though the temperature is low there is a bit of humidity too, as a result of which I am getting chapped lips and clammy hands at the same time. So my review would based on the above conditions.

PRICE: Rs.99 


Here is the whole price list of the different sizes available,


MY EXPERIENCE: Both the variants are light in texture i.e. neither too runny nor very thick, spreads and seeps into skin easily. They both have this sweet coconut cream smell that stays on your skin, so if you don't prefer the coconut smell then you might not find this lotion suitable to your olfactory senses :P Now let me talk a bit about each of the variants individually, 

(i)Dry Skin Intense Care: I preferred this at first because it was meant for Dry skin. It moisturize and hydrates my skin very well. However, it gets easily washed away so requires re-application. Again, because of the humidity I find my skin turns clammy behind the knees sometimes if I use this liberally and feels a bit sticky too for a while. I am in two minds with this one.

(ii)All season Gentle Care : This is meant for normal skin, but I really loved this one more because it is very light on my skin and makes it supple and hydrated without any sticky feeling. Only thing is, it requires reapplication as it washes off easily leaving a stretchy feeling.

To sum it up,

  •  The light texture makes it easy to moisturize the skin well.
  • I like the sweet coconut smell (not the oil version) but if you do not prefer this kind of smell then you should avoid it, as it really persists on the skin.
  • Very affordable and economical for the quantity you get.
  • The All season Gentle Care version would be suitable for the summers too.
  • Comes in a nice curvy packaging which is spill-proof hence would be travel friendly.

#Tip: Coconut oil is great for de-pigmentation of skin, tried and tested by me :D. Guess which coconut oil I used, ofcourse the most trusted Parachute Coconut Oil. I had some scars/pigmentation on my legs from childhood. This oil helped in lightening them to a great extent.The results are not immediate obviously, but takes some 3-4 months to show some actual change.  

  • The Dry Skin Intense Care variant gives a heavy and sticky feeling at first which I don't like.
  • Both have low staying power and requires re-application.
VERDICT: I really liked the Parachute Advansed Body Lotion range especially, All season Gentle Care lotion. If you don't mind re-application then this can be the most economic option available.

RATINGS: 4 out of 5
**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.


  1. Great Review :) I ll be getting this Valentine gift too soon :D :D Guess the all season one works for me better as It did for u :)

  2. Hey!
    u hv got a vry nice blog. vl b following u soon

    chck my blog too:

  3. The packaging and the Oh-So-Yummy boxes won me instantly! ^_^ A lovely review again sweetie :) I'll try them myself :)
    Namita <3

  4. Ha! Nice.. I have also purchased this body lotion and I have been using it for sometime now.. It has really helped my skin heal in the wintery season... the moisturising effect and the fragrance is very nice.. I carry a bottle of it with me to work incase I need to go out in the sun during the day. Glad to see a good review of it! Keep up the good work!

  5. Nice work with the review! I've been using this body lotion for some time now and I really like how it moisturizes my skin and has made it smoother. I absolutely adore the smell of it! Its light and not overpowering.. just right! Thanks for the review Pooja!

  6. Great review,,, very detailed.. I've been hearing and reading good things about this body lotion.. will definitely give it a try and share my experiences with it too!

  7. Good review! Nice to see a trusted branded coming up with a nice body lotion! what did you think of the fragrance of it Pooja? Some of my friends really love this lotion and I am planning on using it too!

    1. It has a sweet coconut-y fragrance which I quite like..Do let me know how u find it :)


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