Can Love Happen Twice ?

No, I am not asking any rhetorical question, neither I am going to start any philosophical discussion whether love happens twice, thrice or infinite times or not!

Well, I was thinking to write a post but not another product review. So, I thought why not share another of my recent reads and my thoughts on it!

Yes, today's topic is the new novel by Ravinder Singh of I too had a love story fame.

Firstly, I would like to tell you when I read I too had a love story, I was so touched by the true tale of the lost love of the author. His story was not a gooey romantic mills 'n boons kind, but rather quite realistic and somewhere it makes you believe, that yes, true love does exist!

When this book got released, I thought, okay so what happened to the first true love? But, then I read somewhere, that this story is fictional and it is the author's take on  'the modern day lovers who have made it a fashion statement to love, breakup and quickly move on to find what’s next!' to quote him.

The novel starts with reunion of Amardeep, Manpreet and Happy after 5 years.The reunion was for Ravin.They all were invited for the radio show in Chandigarh, ‘Raat Baaki, baat baaki’ on 14th Feb(Valentine’s Day) including Ravin where they were supposed to talk about his best-selling book “I too had a love story” and his life after that.With the curiosity created at the radio station because of no Ravin, Happy reads his second book- Can love happen twice? and the main story starts.
The story start with Ravin’s effort to move in his life.He moved to Belgium for a project and more over a much needed change after Khushi death he felt.There he meet a girl name Simar accidently in gym.Simar who was basically from Gurgaon but pursuing MBA in Belgium.
Soon both become friends but the twist comes when Simar ask him about his first girlfriend.He handed his first book “I too had a love story” unpublished book to her.Soon after it both of them felt for each other.Love and romance once again is in air. 
They both introduced each other to their parents for marriage.Do you think they will get married?What’s next twist in the story?If they don’t get married where is Ravin?

Getting back to the novel. I found the starting of the story a bit too dragged and dramatic. But, the ending was again heart wrenching. I liked the last message by the author,
'True love is unconditional. And if it is "Conditions Apply" scenario, then it isn't true love. It is as good as a mutual fund. And if that is the case then investment in love is subject to market risks and therefore one must please read the offer documents carefully'

You can read an excerpt of the story from hereI would suggest if you haven't read these two novels, then you must read them atleast once. I am sure you won't be too disappointed. 

Images and some information are from here, however, the views are of my own.


  1. sound interesting to me.! :D wud pick the book-1 soon. ;)

  2. Sweets.. Ive read his frst book "I too had a love story" - i felt it was ok types.. will check this out.. looks interesting!

  3. @all do tell me how u find it if get to read this :)

  4. I'm always on the look out for new things to read. Have never read anything before from this anther. Sounds interesting.

  5. i have the first really did brought tears in my eyes..will try to get this one:)

    1. I know...I was crying like anything when I read the first part and for the second part the ending did strike a chord!

  6. I loved the first 1:I too had a love story!!Will pick this up soon :)

  7. sound interesting..glad to see book lover here :)

  8. I love both d book .... !!! its such gr8 love story....

  9. i never red books but just started reading love stories as i got in love with someone :)

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