Haul: My shopping experience at MedplusBeauty.com

Hola beauties! What do you do when you get into a tiff with *him* (yours and not mine :P) and that too on V. Day and you need to cool off? For me, retail therapy does uplift my mood and what better than trying out a new online shopping website like MedplusBeauty.com. 

About: MedplusBeauty.com is India's preeminent online beauty retailer offering a wide and diverse selection of over 15000 beauty and personal care products across various categories and hundreds of brands. It is part of MedPlus, India's fastest growing healthcare retail chain.

At MedplusBeauty.com, our goal is to provide you a convenient, hassle free destination for all your beauty and personal care needs. You can choose from your everyday staples to some of the most luxurious beauty brands worldwide. Since all our products are sourced from reputed companies, we guarantee that all our products are original, whether domestic or imported.

Whether you choose to have the product conveniently shipped to your home or pick it up from your nearest MedPlus store, we offer same day or next day delivery in all major metros, so you do not have to wait long for your shipment.

We bring you the best prices, and with our daily promotions and free gifts, you can be rest assured that no one provides you a better value for your money. ValuePlus, our one of a kind rewards programme. provides you the opportunity to accrue points for purchases across various MedPlus businesses, both offline and online, and exchange the points for invaluable gifts translating to an additional discount of 20-30% off of our already competitive prices.

With multiple and secure payment options, a worry free returns policy & friendly customer service, we are committed to provide you an unparalleled shopping experience.

The Unique selling points of MedPlusBeauty.com are-
  • Virtual Makeup - An online makeup tool where you can upload your pic and try various branded products
  • Wide Range of Products- More than 12000
  • Loyalty scheme - ValuePlus through which a user can accumulate points and collect gifts
  • Great Discounts
  • Free home delivery for purchases above Rs 300

My Experience: I came to know about MedplusBeauty.com a few months ago through their FB page. However, they did not have COD at that moment in my my city, which is the only viable option for me to shop online. Now, that they have started COD in my city along with some other major cities too, I was really excited to try out this site.

They have such a huge range of products that one might feel lightheaded (and lightpocket too :P ) when they make a purchase. Like for example, I wanted to try out a foundation from Deborah Milano, and there were so many to choose from, 

Most of the products have huge discounts on them, so you can save on some bucks than you do from other places. Another interesting concept is their Virtual Makeup tool which helps you to give an idea about the shade and decide which one would suit and which one won't. 

Anywho, I selected some products that I would like to try out, added them to my shopping cart and checked out. 

 I already had created an account on their site, so checkout was breezy.

I got an invoice in my mail as soon as I placed my order. Since it was late at night on 14th when I placed my order, I got the confirmation phone call from their representative next day afternoon and I was told to expect the delivery in 2-5 days and was eagerly waiting for my package to arrive. But, for some unknown reasons it reached me after 8 days. I tried to contact them in between, and got a response on their FB page with the information where my package is and when it would be delivered. From what I understood, I think they don't directly courier the packages to the customer, but to the MedPlus stores in the cities, who then deliver it at your doorstep. I guessed the above because the box came in MedPlus polythene pack, which is quite unusual from other courier packages that I receive.
So atlast my package arrived, though the delay dampened my excitement a bit. Let's see what I got in the haul. 

Everything was securely bubble wrapped in the box. But, there was a little spilling from the conditioner (because the bottle has an unusual cap and is not travel friendly). In that case I would have preferred separate wrapping of the products. 

All the products are of 2011 manufacturing and I am okay with it.

Here is what I got,

I had a great time shopping from MedplusBeauty.com. They have an extensive range of products to choose from and unbeatable discount prices and other exciting things like Virtual Makeup tool and the ValuePlus scheme that would earn you loyalty points which you can redeem for some exciting gifts. I think the delayed delivery in my case was an exception and hope that won't be repeated. But, I would suggest them to take care while packaging products and if possible wrap them separately, so that no spilling or whatsoever happens. I would also suggest them to provide the details of dispatching of products along with tracking details, so that even if there is some kind delay in the delivery, the customer might know where exactly their packages are and when to expect them.

Go and check them out now. I hope you too have a great time shopping there. 

** PR provided a discount coupon for the purchase , but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.


  1. Nice haul..I quite like the Deborah 24 Ore Foundation..and Himalaya Neem toh is my HG :)

    1. Thanks.....let's see the how the Deborah foundie turns out :)

  2. Someone seems to have been shopping a lot these days ;)
    Lovely haul sweetie :)
    And LOL! 'Yours, not mine :P'
    Great write up like always! :)
    Namita <3

  3. great haul. These days I end up buying from medplusbeauty because they have large variety. Reason for me is that i am too lazy to go to the medplusbeauty store located 2km away from my house LOL. I would rather wait 8days rather then go there in few mins time LOL.

    PLEASE do a review on the conditioner ^_^.


  4. Interesting review..Himalaya neem facewash is my summer fav.
    Looking forward to the Deborah 24 Ore Foundation review!

  5. great review . . . bought stuff from medplus last night . .eagerly waiting for them . . .
    hey please post review of sunsilk keratinology product asap . . . i have extensively damaged hair from rebonding . . .m desperately searching for a pocket friendly solution !!!!!

    1. will do it by next week I hope...its in the testing process...till now it seems quite okay...nothing extraordinary but not damaging either. hope that gives u an idea. but my hair is dry and frizzy but not rebonded.


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