Garnier Skin Naturals BodyCocoon Intense Moisture lotion Review

Hola ladies! I have been feeling a bit low for past few days and wasn't really enthused to review any product, like I have been planning to do. Okay, so before I go into the rant mode, lets just stop it there and begin with today's product review as I am feeling a lot better and positive now.

Today, I would like to review the Garnier Skin Naturals BodyCocoon Intense Moisture lotion from my recent haul. I had been meaning to buy it ever since it was launched (I was really hooked on by their ad) but, could get my hands on it only recently.

PRICE: Rs.170



MY EXPERIENCE: Garnier Skin Naturals BodyCocoon Intense Moisture lotion is thick creamy in texture, but it never felt greasy on my skin. Rather, it has been highly moisturizing for my dry flaky skin in this winter. It gets absorbed real quick, leaving a subtle nice smell on the skin. I think, many have issues with the artificial fragrance of this body lotion, but I absolutely adore it. It reminds me the smell of the mixed perfumes in perfume/cosmetics sections in a high-end store. (Duh! I am so bad at describing smells). I even applied it on my face, though there was an explicit warning to not to do so, but thankfully it didn't break me out and so, I continued with it. But, oily skinned beauties, do not try this stunt at your home :P.

  • It is a non-greasy body lotion, apt for the dry weather.
  • Gets absorbed quickly into the skin and keeps it hydrated and moisturised.
  • I really love the fragrance, but some may not like the artificial smell.
  • It didn't break me out when I applied it on my face, but if you have oily skin I would suggest you not to do so, as it is quite a thick lotion.
  • Liked the happy yellow packaging with the flip-top cap that ensures no product wastage.
  • Pretty affordable and economic for the quantity we get.
  • Might require reapplication in severely dry weather.
VERDICT: I really didn't find any fault with this lotion and I am glad it worked for me so well and so, it is going into the list of my HG moisturizers.  

RATINGS: 4.75 out of 5


  1. i used this sooooo much years back when i was in college.. it was really popular then. i loved its scent.. but its not very moisturising rite. Its a pleasant lotion though :)

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    1. I found it moisturising enough for my dry skin :)
      have entered ur giveaway! :)

  2. Me... Oily :) :) So nice it has become your HG lotion :) will try this out soon, at least for body skin. he he

  3. I like it as a light body lotion for spring summer seasons

    1. Me too prefer light lotions always, no matter what the weather is like...can't bear the thick, greasy feeling of other heavy lotions.

  4. Its my favorite lotion for summers! :) I like its fragrance a lotttt! I have 7-8 body lotions left to finish! :p Puro bachor jabe ebar!

  5. Soun'd like a great product, will see if I can find it!

  6. Glad you found your HG moisturizer honey! :) Sounds like a good product! :D Will get it asap! :D
    Namita <3


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