I just logged in and saw that I have GFC count 40. Yay!! I am so happy ! :D I can't thank you enough for giving  me this kind of encouragement. I had a fear before starting the blog that no one would be interested to read it but you guys rock!!! :-* Love you all.

Okay now some announcements! Here are some lovely giveaways that I am going to participate in and hope you would join in too. :)

 Ankita of Corralista is holding a six-months-completion giveaway for Indian residents here. Loads of goodies to win!

Another new blogger mate Miss Enchanted wants some friends over her blog. Give her all the encouragement. She has a  pretty good blog. Enter her giveaway here.


  1. Woww pooja.. Congratulations :D yeyyy!! Party time!! Good job girl :)

  2. Thanks for posting Pooja :) Congratulations on the follower count..I know how it feels..i crossed the mark recently myself!

  3. Yes Ankita It feels awesome and congrats to u too...may u have more n more followers!!


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