Nivea Whitening Deodorant Spray Review

What do you do when you see a girl with white, smooth underarms skin which is “whiter” and “smoother” than your cheeks probably? When I saw the commercial ad for this product I was almost jumping out of my chair and go and get this product. Dark patches on underarms skin can make one shy of wearing sleeveless dresses. And miss on so much fun and fashion. Ask me I know!

Okay so all that gibberish intro was to tell you that I am going to review the Nivea Whitening Deodorant Spray today which I have been using on-off for the past month. First let me tell you I prefer perfumes and was always slighted by deos esp. with those having citrusy smells. How I hate them! So I was a bit sceptical to buy the deo but I had to get it after all the promises the product made.

PRICE: Rs.179  



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  • Visibly fairer underarms.
  • 48 hr. reliable anti-perspirant protection.
  • Feminine long lasting fragrance.
  • Skin tolerance dermatologically proven.

I have been using this deo for some 3-4 weeks. Though I don’t use it regularly still have used it quite a bit till now to be able to review it.


  • It has got the typical Nivea cream smell. So if you are fond of that smell your olfactory senses won’t be irritated.
  • It claims to give 48 hr. protection from perspiration. I am not sure about 48hr claim as I bathe daily :P :)) But yes on normal humid days it controls perspiration to some extent but on really hot-humid days where you just start melting like anything it fails to do any trick.
  • Doesn’t stain clothes.
  • The bottle is travel friendly and the nozzle mouth is shaped to fit your finger. Needs a bit hard push to get the spray out.
  • Stays on for some 5-6hrs easily. After that I can’t smell it on me much. Only a slight trace maybe if I smell really hard :P
  • Price is okay and fit in your pocket if you go for deos.


  • No recommendable/visible skin lightening occurred. Okay… a tiny negligible amount maybe.
  • If applied on broken skin it hurts like anything!

This disappointed me after all those crappy promises it made :( but then again you need to be a little patient with these kind of skin lightening products. I might give this another try (the last one only) and see if it does live up to the expectations. This is a nice regular deo. So if you are just fond of collecting deos you might try this. Otherwise you may be disappointed with other claims of the product.

RATINGS: 3.5 out of 5 

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  1. doesnt it smell good? i really dont think these stuff make skin any fairer! i wanted to try this for its smell.. if it doesnt have a prominent smell then no point me buying it :(

  2. thanks for the review :) It's a pass for me. I not a fan of deos really..

  3. @Zathi...this smells exactly like Nivea cream as I have said...if u like that smell then u might lke the is neither citrusy/flowery.

    @Indgal me too never liked deos much! but wanted to try this bcz of all the mumbo jumbo abt licorice extracts!

  4. Hey u know wat Pooja I was thinkin of getting it tomo :O thank god u reviewd it :) So bad it doesn't work :\ I was so hopin it would :(

  5. Ya it didn't work for skin lightening as much as I expected it to. :(

  6. ok then ill pass.. :-D i want something that smells good

  7. I use this frm 1-2 a lil not much..

  8. i have been using this for a month now n the thing that i really like about this is its smell coz its quite strong n really pleasant, and about making the underarms fairer yes i have found a very visible change in the colour of ma underarms then wat dey were b4 :)

  9. i hav been using dis product 4 about a month nw n da ting dat i lyk da most in it is its very strong n pleasant smell, n moreover making da underarms fairer it does make a very visible impact on darker uderarms atleast 4 me. I jus loved da product :)

    1. Do u use it regularly??nd what is the white stuff that comes out of it??

    2. Do u use it regularly??nd what is the white stuff that comes out of it??

  10. It peeled off my underarm skin, horrible experience.Zero rating

    1. haww! :O that's too bad...I didn't have such reactions thankfully! :(


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