Haul in mail + Review + NOTD

Hello beauties!
How many of you just jump with joy when your mail arrives that contains the lovely goodies you have ordered that you have been waiting for. Okay I know all of you do :P

If you remember I have started a new post-series called Beauty Check and in the first part of the series I have told you about Konad Nail Art. Remember? No? Check it out here.

I received a discount code for http://nailsandbeauty.in/ and was browsing through the site and came across the Konad nail stamping kit. They had variety of options. I liked the KONAD 108 Set D Price: Rs.625.00 , and I just added it in the cart to see the whole price (-discount) billing and payment option etc.

I never meant to click on the buy button but it got clicked anyways. I swear I didn't! :P 
Okay maybe I did. Someone save ME!! I am becoming online-shopaholic!! :-O 

So finally the order arrived on Saturday. They delivered the order in just 4 days! Oh they give Cash (Read Cheque) On Delivery option too. Below are the pics of my goodies!

So coming back to the jumping-with-joy scene. I was ecstatic to try it then and there. But alas! I failed, failed and failed again. So after some 10-15 attempts I got around to work it for me. In the following pic I applied a red coat as base and then special Konad polish in white for the design. No top coat as I don't have one now.

Well it is still not neat and I have to learn to use it properly.

PRICE: Rs.625 (after discount I got it around for Rs.512)

         2 Small Special Polishes - 5ml (Red, White)
         1 Image Plate - M3
         1 Scraper & Stamp 
         1 Booklet  
  • Online shopping with Nails and Beauty was a nice 
    experience. Superb fast delivery + COD option + free shipping 
    but they add some taxes.  
  • The package came with loads of bubble wraps so the 
    product arrived safely. 
  • The Konad special polishes are thick so they shouldn't be 
    used as normal nailpolishes, otherwise you would spend 
    buckets of remover to get rid of them. 
  • I had a hard time to get around to use it properly. 
    The application is quite messy as you need to be 
    fast on hands at the same time save your nails 
    from getting ruined and requires loads of remover to
    get the polish off from the scraper and plates.
  •  The plate I received have so small useless designs.
    Only one design worked well for me which I am 
    wearing in the pic above. 
All in all it was quite an experience for me. Hope you all would try
some Konad Nail Art sometime. It is fun when you get a knack of it.

RATINGS: 4 out of 5
* Blogger is giving me a hard time today. Sorry if the
 post writing looks odd from the regular ones.


  1. lol i didn't know something like stamping existed for nail art it sounds fun :P
    tomar nail khub cute lagche :) (saw kolkata i hope u kw bangla)

  2. Lol...Ha I know bangla....arey ami bangali brahman...nice to see u here....thanx for stopping by :)

  3. I love Konad, use it all the time. Its really fun :) Great goodies hun, I just ordered some more from wowsocool.com. Im addicted haha :)

    Love Christine ♥

  4. naice :) .. You should check out born pretty store too.. they have awesome nail stamps :)

  5. nice haul. amio dindin online shopaholic hoye jacchi. ei COD option ta khub e voyanok. irresistible lage sabkichu. :P

  6. @Christine: Thanks for liking it...It is still not a very popular trend here!! :)

    @Viya: Yes Born Pretty is nice too. But shipping options and no COD made me step down!

    @Kuheli: Thanx!! Sotti...amio agey COD khuji and kichu pochondo hole kine feli...gosh...ami koto pocket money ei vabe noshto korechi!

    @Pandora's Box: Thank U :)

  7. nice one Pooja.. me too got stuff from there.. they are awesome :)

  8. @Rekha...thats gr8...would love to see ur post :)

  9. this looks like alotta fun :-D im not a nail polish person but it looks fun :)

  10. me too not a regular polish user....but I go crazy about nail arts!!

  11. Hi Pooja, i just love konad stuff and i am a newfound nail art addict myself..do check out my blog when possible. BTW nice stuff and good reviews on your blog!

  12. @Kejal..Would do...thanx for stopping by...do follow if u like!! :)

  13. This is exactly the kind of thing I want! and your nail art is so pretty :).....Btw, I cant believe you've only been blogging for 2 months, your blog is fantastic!!!

  14. @Laksh...Oh thank u so much for appreciating my blog :-*
    I too love nail-art!! :)

  15. Aww! So cute! Am thinking of getting these too! :D
    Oh, btw, khoob shundor lagche! :D (fellow Kolkattan)

    1. Hi Megha..welcome to my blog and thanks...Konad Nail Art is really fun :D

      khoob bhalo laglo tomake ekhane peye..hope to see u some more :)


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