KKcenterHk Nail Art Water Decals Review and New Year’s NOTD

Hello beauties! It’s New Year’s Eve and tomorrow we will be entering 2012. So I would like to wish you guys loads of happiness, love, prosperity in the coming year. A toast to the new beginning, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :D

Today I would love to show you and review some lovely, funky nail art water decals from KKcenterHk.

KKcenterHk is an online nail art and makeup store, which sells a lot of items such as fake lashes, makeup palettes and nail arts.
I received three sets of nail decals, one each from their N.Nail French Tip Nail Art, Christmas DIY Nail Art, X&D Full Nail Art collections. Links and individual prices are given below.

N.NAIL xmas Christmas Water Decals DIY Nail Art- WDBLE125
PRICE: Rs.119.14
QTY: 20 decals

N.NAIL Water Decals French Tip Nail Art- WDB022
PRICE: Rs.119.14
QTY: 15 decals 
Would post a NOTD with this soon. :)

X&D Full Nail Art Water Decals- 02#
PRICE: Rs.213.92
QTY: 10 decals


For tutorial on how to apply the Water Decals please refer here.

MY EXPERIENCE: Nail Art Water Decals is an easier way to prettify your nails if you are not confident of doing nail art with free hand and do not want to spend a lumpsome amount at a nail spa.

They make your nails scream for attention and definitely get a second (as well as third, fourth and fifth :P)  look from the onlookers and get ready for all kind of questions like ‘Where did you get it from?’ ‘How did you do it?‘ and comments on how lovely these look.

I found the the N.Nail water decals easier to work with and maintain than the X&D Full Nail Art decals. I got some air bubbles and roughened edges with the X&D Full Nail Art but that maybe because of my naivety of using it for first time. Also, chipping depends on the quality of base coat and topcoat along with the decals. 

  • The designs are beautiful but complicated to do with free hands.
  • Comes in a nice packaging, with a protective covering on each sheet of design.
  • KKcenterHk has a huge, mindboggling range of the Nail Art Water Decals.
  • They’re definitely cheaper than a session at nail spa.
  • The X&D full decals come in sets of 10. However the sizes don’t match for all 10 nails.
  • Starts chipping in 2-3 days.
  • Have to be ordered online from their website.
VERDICT: I really liked trying out these funky water decals and would love to try out some more.  
They are giving 20% off discount on all items from 30/Dec/2011-3/JAN/2012 using code KK2012newyear20off !
All B.B.B readers also get a unique coupon code : BLGB637BE10, Coupon Amount : 10% Off, valid till 8/Feb/2012. 

RATINGS:  3.75 out of 5
**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.


  1. @Taps Thank u dear! U must try out this decals. :)

  2. @Ani these were PR products but I would certainly like to buy more when I get the means to do international shopping :P

  3. hi.. can you recommend some Indian websites for buying some cheap nail art stickers online ...

    1. Hi Pooja, there is only one Indian website I know of that offers such nail art iteam. here is the link : http://nailsandbeauty.in/catalog/nail-care-nail-stickers-c-71_45.html

      Hope this answers ur query :)


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