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Hey friends! So new year is around the corner and my head is buzzing with new ideas and I hope some of them become fruitful in the near future. 6 months onto beauty blogging and I am so addicted to it, but only reviewing products bore me down and I am sure it does you too. :P
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So what new ideas am I talking about? 

  • Well you have seen so many new brands/sites been reviewed here on B.B.B. Wouldn't it be interesting to know the person behind such brands/sites? Yes, I am going to start a a new interview series where I will post some exclusive B.B.B interviews of the entrepreneurs behind such brands and sites. I am sure that this will inspire many of us and who knows there might be some aspiring entrepreneur among us and this would work as great boost for them? I am still thinking of some nice funky name for the series. Any suggestions?  It would be a Sunday series. So one new interview every Sunday.
  • Also, if you still didn't know it, I have started a new section called B.B.B Specials. Here I will provide you with the latest sales/discount news on my favorite brands/sites. Check it out now for the ongoing offers and sales.
  • I am planning to work on my Beauty Check series and also add some DIY tips.Whatsay?
  • I have also spruced up my other pages, go and have a look. 
Oh and I forgot to tell you. Sadly I didn't win the HandmadeReviews Beauty Blog awards but I am one of the shortlisted blogs there. Thanks for all the love and support you guys have shown here till now and hope to get the same in future too. :-*


  1. Happy New year Pooja :) Ur new year ideas for BBB is just awesome! I don't know how I missed ur blog these much days and I am your new little follower :) I am in love with ur blog!

  2. @Lancy Thank u so much for the lovely and kind words :)

  3. Looking forward to reading more from you. Love your writing style, you are doing a great job. Don't forget to grab your free sigma $20 certificate for being shortlisted.I'm ordering their f15 stippling brush :)

  4. @PB Thank u so much..u r such a darling...yay me too ordered from Sigma.. I ordered the f40 brush :D

  5. new beginnings,,new year,,good :)
    and the idea is quite nice :)

    Good Luck ,,


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