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Hey guys. I am sorry, but I had to remove yesterday's guest post due to certain reasons. 

The post contained some external links which I didn't include while posting it. When I informed the writer about the same, I was asked either to post the links as a sort of payment to the writer for providing a guest post or remove the post if I am not comfortable with it. I chose the latter option.

You might think why I am making such a big fuss of posting some links as I myself do so, in many posts. Well, I don't have any issue with posting external links but they need to be relevant to the posts. The aforesaid links were not at all related to the previous post. They opened to some external shopping sites that were neither related to the post nor me. I am sorry but I can't let my blog become a money making source for anyone, if that was the case (it is my assumption and I maybe wrong...but I have a feeling that I am not! :| ) 

For once and for all, I would like to clarify that I don't receive/take/give money to entertain any kind of advertising posts here. Yes, I accept some product samples/discount vouchers, but just to post my reviews on them so that my readers know what worked and what didn't and get benefited. I am not paid to do any rave reviews here. If anyone still have any misconception about these facts you are welcome to un-follow my blog.

I am sorry that I am sounding so rude but I was disappointed and sad about this whole event. It was certainly a nice post but I had to remove it. 
I guess, I got the first taste of the vile side of being a blogger.
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Okay, I don't want to upset you guys or myself anymore. This is a friendly blog, for anyone and everyone to share their experiences and views and I would really welcome that. I hope I haven't offended anyone! 

I would be back to my blogging self soon. Till then take care. Peace out! :)


  1. Well done girl...That's the proper way to deal with such things.

  2. "...to post the links as a sort of payment to the writer for providing a guest post..."

    WTF!!?? I can't believe some people can go so far. I mean ok, it doesn't hurt to ask for something in return, people have the right to try it, but doing this way... that's just low:(.

    I'm sorry this happened, but I believe you took the (only) right decision.

  3. i got a mail to write guest post from this person too. but it sounded so fishy to me that i didn't reply her back. the next day i saw that she actually mailed many other bloggers to write guest posts. it seemed really weird to me. now the whole picture is clear. u did it right. i wud never let my blog become someone's money-making device.

  4. This is really bad !!! I think you did just the right thing Pooja-thanks for making us aware!!!

  5. I feel bad that u had to go through that, I would do exactly the same. This is not a money maker thing you clog for yourself not to get maoney from it. well done be proud of yourself =)

  6. very well said.. i think you did the right thing my pooja doll

  7. @Manya, @Diane Thanks guys for your understanding and support :)

  8. ohh.Thts bad. Never knew something like this could happen in blogosphere.thanx for letting us know puja.And i feel u did the right thing by removing the post.

  9. Don't worry Pooja.We love you and we are with you.I know you do honest reviews:-)...Don't be sad.bade bade deshon mein esi chhoti chhoti baatein hoti rehti hain:D

  10. @Samreen oohhh...we got a SRK fan here :-D
    thanks and so sweet of u :-*

  11. Lol you welcome dear...wesay i like SRK but i dont like his movie Raavan.Na janay maray SRK ko kis ki nazar lag gayi hai.Ulti seedhi movies bana raha hai:D


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