Pond's White Beauty Daily Spot-less Lightening Cream with GenWhite Formula Review

Hola ladies! :) I guess I am the last one left to review this product in the blogosphere, but this time it wasn't because of laziness, rather I was testing it, to see if this product really works for me or not. Read on to know more!

PRICE: Rs.249



WHAT IT CLAIMS: "This nourishing non-oily light day cream with the new, cutting edge white beauty GenWhite formula SPF 20 PA++ works deeply to reduce dark melanin production. To lighten, brighten and fade dark spots, while providing instant radiance. Discover spot-less fair skin like never before, within the epidermal layer."

MY EXPERIENCE: When I got this cream, I was truly attracted to the beautiful packaging, the tub is so girly in pink and white. The texture is like a light pearly pink 'snow cream', that feels completely weightless on skin. It reminded me of the earliest version of a famous brand of fairness cream which I used to love when I was a kid. Sadly, I didn't find it moisturising enough on my dry skin, as it never gets absorbed fully. It just sits on my skin and washes off with water (comes down my face in white rivulets :P) no matter how much I try to blend it in. Then I tried a different blending trick, I applied it on moist face and it definitely looked better, but still it didn't get absorbed completely. It gives an instant brightening effect, but make sure to use only a little amount, else it gives a whitish cast. Skin feels matte and soft. 

I was trying this on and off for a month, and then I changed my skincare products, and started using it regularly for a week to test it. But I didn't see any significant change on my face, and I was quite irritated with it as it wasn't moisturising enough and I could feel some tightening on my skin. This would work great on oily skin, who would love the matte effect it gives, but on my dry skin, it didn't work as great.

  • The cream is really soft and light on skin.
  • Feels almost weightless, leaving a matte effect on skin.
  • Instantly brightens up face, provided correct amount is used.
  • Has SPF 20 PA++ .
  • I love the sweet smell, somehow it reminds me of my childhood days :).
  • Beautiful tub packaging, though the hygiene issue creeps in.

  • It doesn't get fully absorbed and hence it is not moisturising enough on my dry skin.
  • Gives a whitish cast if used in excess.
  • Didn't see any effective spot lightening, but then I suppose that would take more time to show, which I couldn't give to it.

VERDICT: If you are oily skin and want a mattifying and brightening cream, then you can give this a try. I won't recommend it to dry skin beauties though.

RATINGS:  3.5 out of 5 

**Product sent by PR for consideration but it doesn't influence my honest opinion! Read my disclaimer.


  1. Hey..I have an award for you. Please do accept it here.
    the link http://apoorvathinks.blogspot.in/2012/08/an-award-and-game-for-11-others.html

    1. hey thanks for the award sweets..I have done it in th epast and would add ur name in the blog award page :)

  2. I also have dry skin...does'nt provide me any hydration or moisturisation...Pooja, plz recommend some good day as well as night cream for dry skin..

    1. Currently, I am trying out the Pond's age miracle serum in place of the moisturiser, and I am liking it, also I have reviewed one Olay moisturiser prior to this which I loved completely (used both day/night).

  3. Thanks. will try Olay now. I am making do with garnier body cocoon these days..talk about dry skin. It's a pain.

    1. I liked the garnier body cocoon and used it on face too at times :P

  4. Am 27+ old unmarried girl. I have oily Skin with many Pimple spot.. m confused in many ponds spot less creams so plz suggest me... plz pooja help me.....

    1. Hi Shivani. If you want faster results, you can go for chemical peeling for oily acne prone skin, but it is a costly procedure and you need to research well before which one suits you best and reputed centres in ur city that does it.

      Otherwise, you can try home remedies. Include aloevera, lemon juice, yogurt, haldi, neem, etc in ur daily face packs.

      As the products I review are based on my dry skin reactions, so can't help on any such specfici market products.

      I hope this helps :)

  5. Pooja, me used all natural product like neem, alovera,haldi and other and doctors treatment since last 6-7 years but no change in my skin. no 1 boy like me so my marrige is to late. Pooja I dont know Wt m I do.

    today feel very sad so am searching spotless cream for me on google then I saw ur blog.... then feel You Can Help Me....

    1. Don't get disheartened dear. I would suggest you to find a good dermatologist in your city and go for chemical peel then, when natural remedies are not working. Google and research about "Chemical peeling for acne scars".

      Also, I know of a doctor who is also a blogger, and you can contact her, Dr. Rashmi Singh with your query at healthybeamy@gmail.com. I think she can help you out on this.


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