Sunday Peek: Apoorva Writes

It's a Sunday! Happy weekend everyone :D. And you know what it means? Yes, its time to get to know another new friend in the blogosphere. And today, Sunday Peek features, Apoorva from Get..Set..Blush!!

Here is a little about her blog,

Hey all! This is Apoorva. Friends call me Appu. I am a Hyderabadi.
I am a software engineer by profession.
I am a closet designer, a stylist.
I am simple but i like trying out new styles.
Recently my interests spread to the make up category.
I chose blogging to write my thoughts.
My latest love "blogging" make up, fashion and everything else in my view.
I like talking.. I like making friends.. I like eating at the same time working out.
I constantly work on my uneven skin tone. I am dusky.
Exercising and lip gloss are my all time favorite.
I hope you guys visit my blog and support me. "

Super sweet Apoorva :D I am enthralled by all the enthusiasm you guys are showing to this series! :) Don't forget to show your love and support to Apoorva' blog.

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