Sunday Peek: Indian Belle

Oopsie! I almost missed today's feature. Sorry for being a little late my dearies! 

Today I am going to feature another Bong belle from the blogosphere, and she is Nivedita from Indian Belle.

Here are some tidbits from Nivedita,
A blog where you'll read about the benefits of herbal and natural products. Though it may seem a tedious process, yet the natural way of managing your skin is the most healthiest way in the long run. As the name suggests, this blog will talk about the ways adopetd by many Indian women since ages. So stay natural and radiant, and be happy and stay tuned for there's lots to come! :) 
I'm a big fan of all things natural, though am not a puritan! I do buy my sunscreens from the stores and also my make up, but for basic skin care and the CTM routine, I fall back on grandma's secrets because I believe - Beauty is skin deep
A bengali born in Kolkata, I'm a working woman, living in Pune, Maharshtra. Yes I'm a foodie like all Bengalis are and a 'real Indian woman', as popularised by Vidya Balan. :)  "

Way to go Nivedita and looking forward to more of the DIYs on your blog. And all the ladies out there, hope you too get benefited with Nivedita's tips. So hop on to Indian Belle right now!

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  1. Nivi !!
    All the very best.

  2. Thank you sooo much friends. Your best wishes will help me a great deal.

    And thanks to the author too for the wonderful write up and for introducing me to the world wide web. :D

  3. Nice post.... Btw I have an award for you. Pls check my blog.


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