Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick - Shade #51 Rose Seduisant Review

Hey ya ladies! Today I would be reviewing the Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick in shade Rose Seduisant. This is the third bright pink lipstick in my stash, which I told you about in some earlier posts and  the bright pink phase I am going through! Read on to know whether I love it or hate it. ;)

PRICE:  Rs.650 (Rs.750 current price)



Top: Without flash, room light; Bottom With flash
MY EXPERIENCE: Bourjois Sweet Kiss Lipstick comes in an attractive, classy purple casing, with a sliding button that is quite unique and with a shade indicator at the bottom. The shade Rose Seduisant is a blue based bright pink and it does look quite stark on my yellow undertone. The shade is an exact match of ColorBar Velvet Matte Oh My Magenta shade, only that one is not blue based. The texture of this lipstick is satiny, and it glides easily on lips. It is highly pigmented and two swipes gives a complete opaque coverage. It is not moisturising, rather it dries out my lips as the time passes.

Coming to the staying power, it lasts for 3 - 4 hours easily even with a little snacking in between. However, it doesn't survive through a heavy meal. It transfers easily on to objects and leaves a slight tint after fading. However, it dries up my lips so much when it fades, and the tint settles into fine lines of my lips and starts looking ugly, which I hate the most about this lippie. Add to that the ever increasing price, I think my cons list just got bigger. :P

  • Attractive packaging with shade indicator at the bottom.     
  • Satin finish that glides easily on lips.     
  • The shade Rose Seduisant is a blue based bright pink and definitely looks great, even though it makes my yellow undertones more prominent (that happens with most bright colors, so can't help it ;) ).     
  • Easily lasts through 3-4 hours with some snacks in between.

  • It dries out my lips as the time passes.
  • Transfers easily.
  • While fading away, the tint settles into the fine lines of my lips that looks ugly.
  • The ever increasing price.

VERDICT: I am not really impressed with this lipstick and I think I have better options at half the price of this one. So I am really not digging it. What about you?

RATINGS:  3.75 out of 5


  1. i hv oh my magenta n addictive to magenta :) review pooja...

  2. Replies
    1. this thing disaapointed me a lot... I have never faced this issue with my other lippies :(

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Jyotsna :) where have u been?? Haven't seen u here for so long!

  4. omg thats such a pretty shade..n awesum lip swatches too


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