Enliven Skin Care Vitamin A and E Hand and Body Lotion Review

Monsoons aren't exactly in my favourites' list. Not only the dull days and continuous rains depresses me, my skin starts acting up too, getting all dry and flaky. So in need of a good moisturiser and bored with my previous ones (read: curiosity about this one ;) ), led me to try out the Enliven Skin Care Vitamin A and E Hand and Body Lotion and after using it for over 3 weeks, here is my review on it.

PRICE:  Rs.150 - Rs.199 (Marked differently by retailers)



WHAT IT CLAIMS: Enliven Dry Skin Lotion with Vitamin A & E helps maintain the skin's natural moisture level, leaving it soft and smooth.

MY EXPERIENCE: Enliven Vitamin A and E Hand and Body Lotion comes in a sturdy, semi-transparent, flip-top cap packaging. The lotion is water based yet thick in consistency and has got a mild, indiscernible fragrance. It spreads easily, though takes quite a while to get absorbed completely. However, when it gets absorbed fully, it doesn't feel greasy or make skin oily at all. 

Rather, it leaves a soft and healthy suppleness to the skin and keeps it hydrated for a long time. I don't require re-application except on my hands, which I have an OCD to wash too often :P. However, it is not an intense moisturiser, so might not be enough moisturising for dry skin in winters. The 400ml quantity is huge and would easily last 2 months even on regular usage. In a gist,

  • The lotion is water based but thick in consistency and hydrates skin well.
  • Makes skin soft and supple.
  • Doesn't leave any greasy/oily feeling after it gets absorbed completely.
  • Come in a sturdy, functional, semi transparent packaging, and one can see how much quantity is left.
  • The quantity is huge and the price is economical too.

  • Takes quite a bit of time to get fully absorbed.
  • Won't be enough moisturising in winters.
  • Availability might be a problem as I have seen it only on a few online shopping sites.

VERDICT: It is pretty decent and economical body lotion. Though I don't like to spend the extra minutes for it to get fully absorbed, I quite like the light and non greasy formula that adds a  healthy suppleness to my skin and for that it scores high. Would recommend it for dry/dull skin in the monsoons.

RATINGS:  4 out of 5


  1. i bought an enliven lotion from Fashion and you . . .and it came expired . . .never got the chance to use it :(

    1. no . . .it already came like 25 days after placing my order.... called them like 10 times during that . . . such lame response i tell ya !!!

    2. Thank God I never tried FnU...they always have some issue :/

  2. Pooja .. You just got a blogger award! yay!!
    chk out this link for details - http://healthnbeauty-hnb.blogspot.in/2012/09/second-blogger-award.html

  3. Great review Pooja :) Non-greasy thing is a YAY factor for me.

  4. hey I tried dere shampoo....maha faltoo shampoo....ur review reminded me...that I still hv to review that shampoo....anyhow pooja...ur review is good... :)

    1. thanks Smita :) most of the stuff from this brand is sub-standard :(


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