Rant post and some announcements ;)

Hey ya! Did you miss me? I was MIA for last few days but blame my broadband connection for that. It got disrupted and my life too. :( I missed out on some great opportunity (blog wise). :(

Anyhow, I am still here, but right now not feeling very well to write up much. I might resume writing posts from tomorrow (....maybe!) and I would be taking it slow now, for some time. Need some inspiration and also a break, and focus on other important things. 
Wow, it feels so good to rant here after such a long time ;) :P.

On other news, I am putting the "Sunday Peek" feature on hold for the time being and might revive the series later on. But, you can still send me your entries if you would like to get featured here.

Also, I want some suggestions from you guys. Let me know what you would like to see on B.B.B? And what you don't like to see here.;) 

Keep rocking darlings! :)


  1. hahaha..i will be good..:)..good to hav u back pooja

  2. Good to hear from u sweets:))) Miss you...talk to you soon:)))

  3. Can so relate..I need a break too..so have been posting slow..plus some added work..

    1. Thanks for you understanding...I know it sometimes gets too much, even if u have so many things to write, u just don't get the zeal...right now I am having a mindblock, staring at the sreen for so long and not a single word is coming out, though I have been planning all the posts in my mind :(

  4. It's nice to do it on and off especially when daily life get's crazy :)


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