Enliven Luxury Bath + Shower Gel in Calming Review

Yeah, I am a hoarder! I have lost count of how many bath products I have reviewed in last few months. :P But how can you stop yourself, when you see such a chubby bottle, with some blue ocean like liquid, at an unbelievable price and quantity! You got to grab it as fast as you can! Right? I had to get this Enliven Luxury Bath + Shower Gel in Calming as it sounded so luxurious and peaceful (?) at the same time. Err...yeah I know I sound crazy! :P Read on know how it fared.

PRICE:  Rs. 175

QUANTITY: 500 ml


WHAT IT CLAIMS:  Infused with essential oils, this luxury shower gel has extracts of Cedarwood & Patchouli. Enliven has injected a touch of class with the launch of Enliven Luxury line. This new range includes new aroma combinations infused with essential oils.

MY EXPERIENCE: Enliven is a British health and beauty company, Made in England at DCS Manufacturing in Stratford-upon-Avon. Enliven products are not tested on animals, are vegan and are also halal. Enliven Luxury Bath + Shower Gel in Calming claims to have extracts of Cedarwood & Patchouli, though I find the smell to be like men's after shave cologne (Old Spice? ;) ). But I actually like the smell, as I am fond of woody, musky aromas than fruity/citrusy smell. The shower gel is palest blue in color, and very runny in texture, though the flippy dispensing mouth controls the flow.   

Coming to the not so good part, it requires heaps and heaps of the gel to lather properly. I am using it everyday, for hardly three weeks and the 500ml bottle is about to finish now :(. Since so much of the gel is required, it takes load and loads of water and time to completely wash off, else it gives a slippery feeling. Added to it, the packaging is too bulky to be used in the shower. Oh and don't expect the smell to stay for more than 2 minutes. Didn't exactly dry out my skin but you cannot skip the moisturiser after using this. Adding up the pros and cons,

  • The price for the quantity certainly seems a bargain.
  • I like the woody cologne like smell.
  • The packaging with the tiny flip dispenser mouth is perfect and controls the amount of flow.
  • Enliven claims to be a vegan product.
  • Didn't dry out my skin.

  • Huge quantity of gel is required to lather it up, hence finishes up pretty fast. 
  • Takes longer to wash off completely.
  • Smell doesn't last at all.
  • The bottle is bulky to hold in shower.

VERDICT: I am kinda disappointed with it as I expected it to be better. I like the smell, but I don't see the point of repurchasing it after adding up the cons. Nothing luxurious about it.

RATINGS:  3 out of 5


  1. great! i love that its halal! so its chemical free :) wonder if they got a range of flavors.. want to give it a try def!

  2. its so annoying wen d bath gels leaves dat slippery feeling ... absolutely a turn off naa ...

    1. ya it is really annoying..overall I m really disappointed with this one. :(

  3. hi pooja.nice review..i have tagged u in my recent post..do check my blod


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