Beauty Check - Part 5

Hi gals! I am back on this series and today's topic is HEEL CONDOMS. I am pretty sure that most you guys already know about this trend since all the fashion and beauty blogs have gone gaga over this season and if you don't then no worries, you will get to know now. I meant to write this post long back, however, it completely slipped off my mind after my exams. Now what are heel condoms?

Contrary to how risqué the name sounds, it is actually quite a harmless accessory for your heels. It is like a cover for the heels which can revamp the look of your stilettos (or any heels for that matter) and also, protect your heels from marks and scuffs, and cover a damaged heel without making you pay a hefty amount at a shoe store.

But who invented this genius idea? 

A 23 year old, finance student and designer by choice in Puerto Rico named Sandrysabel Ortiz got this idea, "If we dress up, why not dress up our shoes?” She has turned an entrepreneur and have her own website for these lovely accessories.

Here are a few more treats for your eyes. :P

Don't they look just adorable (how I wish could wear such huge heels just for these cute accessories :( )

And if you don't want to spend on any, you can do a DIY for heel condoms from any old silk ties or the likes, glamorize it up a bit like in the pictures above and attach it to your heels. Here is a video from YouTube by Sandrysabel for your help.

Hope you guys enjoyed the post! :)
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  1. hehehhehe...the name is :P :D But I think it's an amazing way to spice up our heels... :)

  2. @Jyotsna U r welcome :) even my knowledge base about all these things is increasing only after joining the blogging scene ;)

    @Ki hehe...yep it is :D

  3. HEY this sounds cool :) I love wearing heels..mine has a super cute bow :)will try luking out for this 1 :)


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