Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil - Shade 104 Review

Hola beauties! What one product in your makeup stash is in maximum number and is ever increasing? Well, for me it has to be the Kohl/Kajal eye pencils. Not that I have an extensive stash like other beauty addicts but, still I always get this feeling of hoarding and *when I am going to wear it and finish all the others* guilt bites me if I buy or get a new one :P. However, don't we all love to try out the new ones everytime something gets launched or catches our fancy. So, most of the times I do give in to my craving. :)

Today's review is on another Kajal pencil from Deborah Milano in shade 104 (Black), which was a part of the kit I got from Deborah Milano FB contest. Let's see how it fared on my list.

PRICE: Rs.200 
QUANTITY: Not mentioned


WHAT IT CLAIMS:  "A soft pencil that leaves ultra-deep colour. Easy to blend in. Safe for use also inside the lashline." 


Top: 1 swipe; Bottom: 3-4 swipes

MY EXPERIENCE: Deborah Milano Kajal Pencil is indeed a soft kajal pencil which glides on smoothly giving a nice pigmented line. It stays on my lids easily over 6 hours without any smudging. I won't say it is completely smudgeproof because if you touch it then a bit gets transferred to your hands, though it won't give any raccoon eyes that we all dread. I found it to be water resistant too, though it is not mentioned on the product itself. It will only budge when you try to rub it off, thus it makes a good everyday product in my case. However, it has this distinct smell (sort of chemicalish? ) which I am not really fond of, but it didn't irritate my eyes at all.

  • Glides on smoothly on my eyes giving a nice satiny finish, which is neither too matte or glossy.
  • Last on my lids more than 6 hours without fading (if I don't accidentally rub it off).
  • Didn't irritate my eyes, or gave raccoon eyes and is water resistant.
  • Comes in pocket friendly price and you can get it on more discounts on many online shopping sites.
  • Available in 5 basic, different shades.

  • Sharpening the pencil leads to product wastage. I prefer the twist up format pencils.
  • I can never sharpen it to a pointed tip and so can't get fine lines.
  • I detest the smell of the kajal.

VERDICT: Apart from the smell I don't have any issue with this. If you are looking for a decently pigmented, pocket friendly kajal/kohl liner then you can add this to your list. I might try out it in some other shades after I clear up my stash a bit. :D 

RATINGS: 4 out of 5


  1. Looks like a good product ^_^
    Nice review Pooja...
    M usin VLCC Kajal these days and its the complete opposite of smudge proof :D :P

    The Sweet Life

    1. Hey thanks Ki :)...if ur kajal is such a mess then u must change it soon :P

  2. Don't have a single thing from DM brand! This looks well pigmented Pooja :)

    1. yes it is pretty nicely pigmented...however I still prefer 2 swipes on my eyes for any uneven lines due to my shaky hands :)

  3. Wowww this black one is indeed very good! I liked it.I have it in blue and it stings my waterline so horribly. :(

    1. that's too bad...might be bcz I don't have much sensitive eyes like urs...but then again, colorbar I glide gives me irritation while it works fine for others...I guess it must be allergy to some ingredients.

  4. nice revw Pooja :)but i also dont like this thing wd pencils ..i cant sharpen them to point :(

    1. true na...that's why I prefer the twist up ones..atleast the tip remains even, if not sharp :|

  5. Its such an intense black :O 8) Great review Pooja :) Kohl is my staple too :D

    Namita <3

  6. Hey Pooja..this is such an intense black..sadly blacks are not for me. :-(...does this come in brown also../

  7. Ive not tried any product from deborah milano yet :( nice review sweets..

    1. thanks Rekhu :) u should then try out their award winning blushes :)


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