On B.B.B HotSeat: Mai Lieu

Another Sunday, another interview for my lovely readers. 

Today, we will get to know about an inspiring woman who is not only an entrepreneur but also an inventor too. Yes ladies, today we have on B.B.B HotSeat, the lovely inventor, of the wonder product CreaClip, Mai Lieu. 

You might have seen my review of CreaClip and participated in the giveaway for the same. Now, let's get to know a bit more about the 'brains' behind this fabulous invention.

B.B.B: What/who inspired you to start your own brand CreaClip?
Mai Lieu: I was an award winning, celebrity stylist for 15 years and I always found my clients would always trim their own bangs in between haircuts, and I would have to fix them. So I was inspired to invent a product to help my clients at home! When I was a child I had horrible bangs cut way too short, this would empower moms at home to cut their children’s hair also!

B.B.B: Why was it important for you to become an entrepreneur?
Mai Lieu: My intuition was telling me I needed to follow my dreams, and that this invention would help so many families . Therefore I just had to take the risk and start my own business.

B.B.B: Who are your main competitors? How do you compete against them?
Mai Lieu: I don’t have any competitors simply because there’s no other invention out there like it. The only other home haircutting device is the Flowbee however this product creates different haircuts.

B.B.B: How has your experience in running the business been different from what you expected?
Mai Lieu: No it’s exactly how I expected. My parents both have their own business and I grew up around it. I guess it’s very comfortable for me to have my own business. There are many benefits that I love, for example I could work any time of the day. I have the flexibility to travel when I need to.

B.B.B: What advice would you give to somebody else who wanted to start a similar business?
Mai Lieu: To get a lot of books and do your research. I did lots of research online before I started my business. There’s lot of free information, just google any thing you need to know. The more you know the more confident and empowered you are.

B.B.B: What is the most important thing for young women going into business to keep in mind?
Mai Lieu: Surround yourself with positive support. When things get tough, it’s always helpful to call someone, sometimes a “you can do it” is all you need to hear.

B.B.B: What are your future plans with CreaClip?
Mai Lieu: I’m expanding my company now as CreaProducts and where I have many products under the whole brand. I continue to launch products every year. I have a new product ready to launch in 2012, CreaNAILS be sure to check it out!

B.B.B: Last words for BEAUTY, BRAINS AND BRAWNS and my readers?
Mai Lieu: When you start a business it’s important to invest the time and money into your personal growth. I’ve been to many seminars that taught be the tools to think positive and set intentions. Kind of like the movie “The Secrete”. When you have fears and voices in your head saying “this is too hard, I can’t do this” this could influence your decisions and may cause you to give up. This is why I feel it’s important to practice awareness and not let limiting beliefs hold you back in following your dreams.

Thanks for your time and effort for this interview Mai. Wish you more success for all the future endeavors with CreaProducts.

Happy Sunday to all :-*


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