Lakmé Fruit Moisture Winter Care Lotion Honey & Avocado Review

Hey ya beauties! 
Winters and moisturizers are quite synonymous (belonging to beauty thesaurus :P ) for us ladies. So, today I am going to review yet another body lotion which is, Lakmé Fruit Moisture Winter Care Lotion (Honey & Avocado). It was an impulse buy as my favorite lotion was out of stock and I quickly needed one. Let’s see how it fared on me. 


QUANTITY: 200 ml


WHAT IT CLAIMS:    Fruit Moisture Honey & Avocado Winter Care Lotion with Nutriv moisture Technology -A breakthrough deep moisturizing technology that is a blend of 9 Hydrating Agents. Essential vitamins 1 anti oxidant & 1AHA.Seeps into your skin’s deepest layers to replenish and revive parched skin. Experience deeply moisturized skin for 12 hours long.”

MY EXPERIENCE: This was my first tryst with the skin care range from Lakme (Yeah! I lived under the rock :P) as I was never interested to try them out. Lakmé Fruit Moisture Winter Care Lotion comes in a curvy bottle and is a peachy orange colored lotion with medium consistency and an overpowering fruity smell. I need extra generous amount with this one for complete moisturisation. However I feel it is too light for my dry skin in this windy, cold winter. So to be precise, I would say,

  • Seeps into skin immediately leaving a soft, satiny feel.
  • Initially, I hated the fruity fragrance (as I do with all fruity/citrusy fragrance) but gradually I got accustomed to it and now have started loving the fresh fruity smell.
  • I apply the lotion on my face when I am in a hurry and yay :D, this didn’t break me out.
  • Didn’t provide the intensive moisturizing that my dry skin craves for in winters.
  • Comparatively priced higher than my HG moisturisers.
VERDICT: If you are dry skinned like me then you may not like in the winters as it is quite light.  I would keep it in options for the warmer seasons.

RATINGS:  3.5 out of 5


  1. i have really dry will gv this a pass..thanx for reviewing :)

  2. @Sukaya ya not for dry skinned like us

    @Rids ya me too find it okayish ..

  3. @PB this was my first try with their lotions :)

  4. hi Pooja.. nice review...:) btw.. loved going through your posts..!! :)started to follow....

  5. @Beauty and Makeup Studio Welcome to my blog :)

  6. I found it just ok :( and expensive for the work it does.


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