L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Conditioner Review

Hey beauties! Today I am going to review the conditioner from the L’Oreal Total Repair 5 range. After my experience with their hair masque I thought of giving this conditioner a pass. But, I got one anyway through an offer of a free conditioner with the shampoo, which I buy every month. This was left to be reviewed from this range and so, I am happy to share my experience about this. 

PRICE: Rs. 80



MY EXPERIENCE: In one line I would say, this is not one of the best conditioners, I have came across till now. It has very runny consistency compared to other conditioners. I require a huge amount to make my hair 'feel' conditioned. But then again a large amount makes the hair look limp/oily and a small amount doesn't do anything to my hair. To sum it up, I would say,

  • Adds some softness to hair.
  • Hair detangles easily even when wet.
  • Price is easy on the pocket but if you need large blobs like me then this wouldn't last really long.
  • I like the fragrance which is common in all the products in this range.

  • The obvious fact that I require a large amount and again that tends to make my hair limp.
  • The packaging is such when you are almost at the end of it, it squirts product here and there on pumping it. (Ok..that sounds...errr....gross! :P )
  • I didn't feel any miraculous conditioning effect as such.
VERDICT: I don't think I would ever get this again. I have found my HG conditioner in Dove Nourishing Oil Care Daily Treatment Conditioner and I would buy that one next time until I find something better. :D I think this would suit more to those who have oily scalp/hair as it is really light if used in smaller quantity.

RATINGS: 3 out of 5


  1. i had used this in past n frankly hated it..the shampoo ws better :)

  2. I didnt like this at all-coz it made my hair limp :( I loved the serum of this range :)

    1. me neither liked the conditioner much nor the serum :|...we gals r hard to get satisfied so easily :P

  3. I have very fine hair.Don't think this will work on me, its already so limp :) Nice review.

    1. Thank u...:) if u have oily hair then this might suit u if taken in less quantity otherwise skip it :)

  4. Hello Pooja :) I used this before starting with Dove, and though it worked well in the initial uses, it gave me a hair fall later :( Nice review :) I am a new follower btw :) Loved your blog <3

    Namita <3

  5. Whats the difference btw a masque and a conditioner?? I've used it's shampoo ever since it was launched!!
    n fr that sound.. it's like a man's taking his last breadth .. sowiee fr comparing it dat way.. bt its like a donkey's voice :P

    n I've never used dis conditioner since my hair is rebonded so I've to use the expert's series :)

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    1. A masque is for deep conditioning and can be used once or twice a week...and conditioner is for regular use.

      umm..what sound r u talking abt???

    2. and I have already participated in ur giveaway!

  6. My hair was completely damaged... like gross. I went to the store and bought this conditioner and the Total Repair Shampoo. My hair was dyed a darker brown, and with this product after a month of use my hair was basically stripped of the dye. I didn't mine because I wanted to go back to my natural colour but I didn't know what my natural colour was since I've been dying it all sorts for years! It made my hair great! Soft and the ends actually look like I just got it cut.. even though it's been 5 months!
    So a tip: Do not use this with colour treated hair.
    Overal Review: Loved this product. I'll buy it next time for sure!

    1. I love their shampoo but not a big fan of the conditioner...its great that it made ur hair healthier. About, the color u can surely color it again when u feel like. Thanks for the tip though!


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