Beauty Check - Part 6 and a DIY

Good morning girls. (Wow, I just sound like a strict, old princi of some 'girls only' school..uhmm I belonged to one :P :P ). Anyway, back to the series, today's topic is FRANKEN POLISHES and no, this is nowhere related to Frankenstein

Frankening is the process of mixing different polishes, pigments, glitter, etc to create a unique nail polish, or "franken polish". You can create jellies, glitters, and even mattes frankening. (Yes I am back on another nail topic...the series should be named Nail Check now :P)

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So on a whim, I wanted to create a duochrome franken polish.The 'duochrome' part failed but I thought of sharing my naive experience and tutorial with you guys anyways.

First let's see, what you would need,
A small cap from any old bottle, a good applicator brush all cleaned up, 2-3 pigments (I used eyeshadow pigments that I might never use on my eyes) of your choice of colors, a new and clean toothpick :P

Let's get started with the experiment then. I used only the blue and green eyeshadows thinking of getting the duochrome effect. First, I added some blue pigment into the cap. Measurement is according to your need. I didn't do any specific measurement.

Then I added the green pigment in the cap and stirred both pigments with the toothpick to mix them.

Then add some clear basecoat/topcoat nailpolish.

And stir it well to mix using the toothpick.
I wasn't satisfied with the runny consistency and the green color so I added a bit more of the blue pigment and tada, I got my own franken polish ready but got disheartened when I didn't see the duochrome effect.

Anyways, it was my first experiment and I am glad that it didn't fail completely and turned out to be a nice aqua green/blue polish.

Here it is on my nails. 

These B.B.B polishes gives a matte finish to nails, dries up superfast, doesn't chip easily, and you can add an optional topcoat to give a bit of glossy look and to order this you can contact me on my toll free number 1234567890 (kidding :P).  Overall I really liked this but removing them takes a little patience.

Have you ever tried something like this? Do share with me :-*


  1. I have tried layering nail polishes on my nails and also mix nail polishes directly out from their bottle, but i have not thought of duochrome effect.
    But i must say, your outcome is a lovely shade!! :)

  2. wow sweets nice idea.. it has come up well :)

  3. hey nice try..for duochrome..thr r special pigments required...this shade that u made is quite nice

    1. hey..thank u so much...coming from you it really means a lot :D

  4. wow.. amazing! my first time to see ><
    thanks for sharing!
    btw, how are you pooja doll! sorry been missing a lot.. got sick.. huhu.. hope all is well with you hun! mmuahh!

    1. missed u too hun...hope u r ok now and ur little one is fine too :) m doing good!!

  5. OMG!!!!
    this is amazing!!!!
    I would never be able to do this but I admire what you did, lovvvvve the result

    1. hey thanks! Its really easy if u follow the tutorial given :)

  6. this one is really nice???? from where do you get the idea dear???


    1. thanks...umm got the idea of franken polishes by following many nail blogs and the experiment is my own recipe :P LOL!


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