On B.B.B HotSeat: Chetana Sagiraju

Hi guys! As promised, I am here with my new interview series starting from the very first day of the New Year. :) 
Welcome Chetana Sagiraju, the master brains behind Stylecraze.com.

Firstly I would like to say, I just loved my experience of shopping twice at StyleCraze.com. I really appreciate all the hard work that you guys are putting in.

Let’s get started with the interview.  

B.B.B: What/who inspired you to start your own brand StyleCraze.com ?

Chetana: Actually it’s a long story. Being an Amateur artist, I was always experimenting with different brands & materials. And it was always very difficult for me to find the right brands & especially the right shades.
I used to frequently visit Shoppers stop, Lifestyle and Kathiawar stores (Hyderabadi folks would know this store :) ) for picking up these shades & noticed that the right shades were always out of stock & the waiting time was unbearable – more than 2 months for even stuff like Bourjois Lilas Dór blush or a Chambor Whitening Cleansing Foam.
And I also noticed that the Beauty Advisors were not trained properly to cater to the requirements of sophisticated shoppers. The following is a personal experience at a store:

I asked the BA for a Bourjois Little Pot Eye Shadow and she gave me a Smoky Eyes Eye Shadow. I told her that this is not the product that I was looking for but she insisted that this is indeed the same as the Little Pot Eye shadow and the previous one was discontinued. I was aghast at this answer as there was no way that the historic little pot eye shadow would be discontinued :) Also instead of helping people find the right product for their skin tone & needs, I have seen Beauty Advisors pushing products that were in stock to get their commissions. Hence shopping lost its charm.

At the same time I was keenly following all the online Beauty blogs for more than a year & realized that more & more people were keenly reading Product reviews before purchasing and realized Educating & making people aware of their own unique needs and helping them find their products is the right way to do things. 
And hence StyleCraze.com started so that – you never have to compromise on your required Brands & Shades.
And it is Bloggers like you who are working towards helping people find themselves that actually inspire us to do our jobs well.

B.B.B: Why was it important for you to become an entrepreneur? 

Chetana:  I had not dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur. But the need to help people find the products that suit them, make them look beautiful & feel confident is what has driven me to start StyleCraze.
It is not important for me to succeed as a person but it is very important for StyleCraze to be successful as we stand for a cause – to help people find themselves. 

B.B.B: Who are your main competitors? How do you compete against them? 

Chetana: Rather than focusing on competitors, we prefer to focus on our customers. A minute lost in thinking about our competition is a minute lost in helping our customers.
And we obsess over our customers like nobody else does.
I would like to give just one example to illustrate this with your permission:
A Customer (name not revealed – but if she sees this, she can mention it in the comments below) had asked us for a Vaseline Body Moisturizer about a month back when we didn’t have Vaseline on the site or in our stock. Any other site would have said, we do not have the product in stock – rather we bought it from the neighbouring store the same day & got it up on the site the next day. Similarly we got a few Lime Crime lipsticks imported from the US just because she asked. We have this attitude to put our customers over all else. A lot of people who have shopped with us can identify with this story as we cater to custom needs – be it a brand or a shade with negligible waiting time.

B.B.B: How has your experience in running the business been different from what you expected? 

Chetana: We have got an overwhelming response for the site. We have not advertised till now but the positive Word of Mouth flows when you have a good product or service. 

B.B.B: What advice would you give to somebody else who wanted to start a similar business? 

Chetana: Know your customers & hire the right people for the right jobs. Everything else will fall into place. 

B.B.B: What is the most important thing for young women going into business to keep in mind? 

Chetana: Have a positive attitude & never give up no matter what.

B.B.B: What are your future plans with StyleCraze.com? 

Chetana: We certainly want this to be a surprise as we intend to not just satisfy but delight our customers. 

B.B.B: Last words for BEAUTY, BRAINS AND BRAWNS and my readers? 

Chetana: I see the Bloggers and StyleCraze as compatriots in the battle to help people find themselves.
Really love what Beauty, Brains & Brawns is doing for its readers and I wish you all the success in your future endeavours.

Thank you for your time and effort for this interview Chetana and thanks for the sweet words for us bloggers. Wish you more success with StyleCraze.com. :)

Oh and a very Happy New Year to all my lovely readers :D
Next interview next Sunday! :)


  1. Wow Pooja-Its great to know about Chetana-I simply adore such ambitious women entrepreneurs -who follow their dream!!Kudos to Chetana :) :) Wish her all the best in her pursuit!!!!

  2. Lovely knowing about CHetana, commendable job dear! wish you all the very best!you have pretty eyes !

  3. @Anu and @Taps It was great to know about Chetana for me too..she is really inspiring :)

  4. Thats awesome Chetana..really love what you doing..Wish you all the more success :)

  5. awesome Chetana and Pooja....I do keep on bugging Chetana regularly though :) but its a great start!!!

  6. Good job sweets :) Chetana.. u rock dear! Gud luck to u n stylecraze :)

  7. Thanks Rekhu :-* and I am glad that I interviewed Chetana. She has been really sweet :)

  8. Hi All, thanks for the encouraging words. It really helps us to works harder in the new Year.

  9. @Chetana Thanks again for being so sporting :)

  10. Its great to read about you and get to know about you:)
    I love what you are doing and all the very best to you and your team :Good Luck:

  11. Good interview Pooja.It's Something new to see in beauty blogs:-)

  12. @Samreen thanks dear :)

    @Deals-StealsnMore Thank u :)

  13. Loved the interview... N yup even I've requested chetana for items that aren't listed in their site and she's delivered them. Love the site and their attitudes most of all!

  14. @Nitya Thank u :) and yes I vouch for their amazing customer support too :)

  15. Nice to know about StyleCraze and Chetana. I have never shopped from them, but certainly want to now.

  16. @Anu Certainly...They are the most customer friendly site I have ever came across :)

  17. gals I also knw chetna a bit...once I dashed off an angry mail to her ...it was on a product delivery....she handled my query with such love.....

    that i became her fan....just love chetna...


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