Another Haul and Upcoming Reviews

Hello beauties! Just thought of sharing with you my recent purchases and what to look for in my upcoming posts! Well, I know I still have a few other products to review from my previous haul. But hey, I can't resist it when all these new products are getting launched everyday and I am itching to get them! ;)

Enjoy the piccys as for now,

Upcoming product reviews:
Yardley And Playboy deos
Fair & Lovely Spot Eraser Pen
Maybelline Colorsensational High Shine lipstick in Coral Lustre

Maybelline Swirl Gel liner Brown & Gold
Do let me know which products would you like me to review first! :)

P.S. I still have two packages in transit. Don't know if and when I will get them!:(

And before I log off, here is wishing all my bong friends out there Subho Noboborsho 1419 (Happy Bengali New Year) in advance!! :-*


  1. lipstick swatches pls :) n happy new year sweets.. may this yr shower u with all the happiness in the world :)

  2. subho nobobarsho Pooja !!!!!! :D :D
    love that lippi <3

  3. everyone is raving abt coral lusture! its time i get one myself ;)

    1. yes its pretty but there is only a hint of coral and mostly pink but still its a lovely shade ;)

  4. Aaaahhh! you got the Maybelline Swirl Gel liner!!! Me so excited.I'm sure your other haul products must be feeling kind of left out with everyone raving about the liner only :P I do really like your yardly body mists too. English lavender is a classic.

  5. Happy New year to u too !!! CORAL LUSTRE ..!!! those deo's r my fav !!!

  6. The eraser pen seems pretty interesting! please do make a review on it..pretty please..^_^~


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